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Web Scraping Redefined


Web Scraping Redefined

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Web scraping is relatively a new technology in the data mining industry. The way this technology changes from time to time is amazing and sometimes unpredictable. In this article, we have detailed and analyzed the web scraping process. This is because every business is engaged in one way or the other in collecting information from the internet.


Web scraping is a term used to crawl through a number of web resources for the purposes of harvesting the information on demand. The information extracted enables companies and individuals to understand the marketing dynamics, promotions that float the market and many more others that help in promoting their business. Web scraping is a growing trend among organizations, companies and individuals alike in harvesting information so as to utilize the same for their benefit.


Web scraping is usually done by various experts that have immense wealth in the data mining field. For instance, if a company is searching information regarding engineers and their fax, telephone, email, location and many more, the information can be extracted by using the web scraping process. This trend of mining data has enabled various companies to earn huge revenues by utilizing the better use of the internet in gaining business intelligence. Business intelligence enables the managers of various companies to make sound business decisions.

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