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Mining Quality Data For Your Business Needs

DataMining services by Loginworks Softwares


Relevant data is like fuel to any business engine. The need for data can be big or small, but getting quality data has always been a challenge. At Loginworks, we ensure quality data

DataMining is a professional IT service we offer to our clients in Retail, Real Estate, Automobiles, and other business for their online data collection needs. With over 10 years of experience in the domain, our experts ensure data reaches with fast and accurate.

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DataMining is a fast and efficient way to collect data from online sources. Please share your details, and we will contact you.


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How companies use data mining?

  • OnlineRetailBusiness

    Online Retail Business

    eCommerce is using DataMining to stay competitive. Daily, our team is tracking millions of products selling online for our customers in USA, Europe and UK.

  • RealEstateBusiness

    Real Estate Business

    What’s available, where to buy, rent or sale, dealers, bids and more. Get latest property information on an email to you daily.

  • MarketResearch

    Market Research

    We do auto-data-collection from online sources to help in market research. Price analysis, buying trends, product data is vital information we gather.

  • ebayStoreOwners

    ebay Store Owners

    Up-sell, cross-sell, and stay competitive with real time, up-to-date data. What we give you is unmatched volume, variety and velocity of data.

  • PriceAnalysts

    Price Analysts

    If you have got the pricing right, your products will attract more demand.Isn’t it? DataMining, Data-As-A-service for you to get price comparison data.

  • AutoSector

    Auto Sector

    Products, parts or services, all the online information on one excel sheet. Filter, compare and get to know what’s available where at how much.

LIVE DATA MONITOR streaming data live to you.