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We started with data services, and soon realised our data was getting utilized into building search sites, data bases, eCommerce and comparison sites. Today, we help our clients build their own comparison sites.

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Earn Money From Price Comparison Through Data Mining

  • Data Mining

    Data Mining

    We can get you data from any web source. A regular stream of updated data to fuel your business decision and help you with insights

  • Data Comparison

    Data Comparison

    For any price comparison site, you need product data. Capability to compare prices and come up with best offer. We do just that, in the most effective way possible.

  • Data Streaming

    Data Streaming

    Scheduling data at regular intervals to ensure data reaches you on an ongoing basis with updated information. Customized data for you.

  • Design website

    Design website

    Your could be a price comparison site or an eCommerce site. We can get you the best of designs that are practical for your business needs and easy for you to manage.

  • Develop website

    Develop website

    Our web team is pro at website development. We can create the website you need, just right for you. Using advanced technology, responsive and so friendly.

  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Loginwoks ONE team handles digital marketing. Promoting websites online for increased presence and business purposes. SEO, SEM, SMM and ORM.

Helping visitors choose the best product/services on your web portal