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Data Analysis

Gather Intelligence from Data for
Making Strategic Business Decisions.

Structured Data & Analysis

At Loginworks Softwares, we do Data Collection & Data Analysis.
In our 10 years of experience and expertise in data services,
we have served clients from across industries and locations.

  1. Need Specific Analytics
  2. We deliver customized solutions to our clients, where other tools and ready-made solutions fail.

  3. Competitive Intelligence
  4. Get to know all the moves and successes, news & trends, business and marketing strategies of competitor brands or companies.

  5. Reporting the Insights
  6. Graphs, charts, tables to depict our analysis to you in a user-friendly and comprehensive manner. Clean and filtered data with no duplicates, available in the format you want.


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Rely on us for clean data.

When we first start web scraping from new websites, the data that gets out is not 100% correct the first time (but this data is not shipped out to our clients). Scraping process has to be tuned as we find different combinations regularly. We have a process of validating data in place, where we randomly select data from the output and cross check the same on the parent website. This way we continuously improve the quality of data that gets extracted.