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Online Retail Data Provider India & US
e-commerce is gradually relying more on data collection service to stay competitive We do consistent tracking of multiple online stores to get useful data about pricing, availability and variety. Everyday, our team is tracking millions of products selling online for our customers in USA, Europe and UK.

With our strong hold and expertise in this domain, we are truly bringing alive the concept of "best buy" for online shoppers. Read More
Real Estate Listing Data-India
From location sites to boardrooms, property listings is extremely helpful in getting to know the latest, and accurate information for important decision making. What's available where, to buy or rent; who are property dealers in vicinity or far fetched areas; what bids are currently on, etc.

With information online changing rapidly, it is next impossible to manually get the data you need. Getting correct data is another challenge. If these are the problem that holds you back, you can contact us for your data needs. Read More
Ebay Data Provider India-Germany-US
Our data capabilities to collect e-bay data for cross selling, smart selling and increasing sales can make a big positive impact on your business. If you are a e-bay store owner, get to know what your competitor is selling and at what price?

We give you unmatched volume, variety and velocity of data anytime and anywhere. Get data from ebay quick and in usable format, right away, from us. Read More
Market Research companies use our data service for comparative intelligence on online store prices. We deliver them data for use in further analytics and drawing insights, to come with Competition Intelligence for Online Businesses. It is our belief that harnessing the power of data, using technology can bring transformation. Providing data fast to support your price comparison website; or fulfill your data needs as a market analyst, rely on us for our expertise in Data As A Service.Read More
Without data, there would be no analysis and no research. We make research possible.
• Online price comparison data for market trends and forecast
• Online e-commerce data for industry analysis
• Online location data for Real Estate studies
• Online FMCG data for boosting new products & revivals in the market
• Online data for databases and websites

Our data is trusted, simple, regular, accurate, scalable, comparable & secure.Read More
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