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We provide data when the customer needs it. It could be regular, one-time, weekly or monthly depending on your needs.
Quality Output
We promise accuracy,that you can rely upon to make smart decisions.
Volume unlimited
We are providing millions of records daily to our customers. Large data is no problem.
3 easy steps to get you started
1. Tell us your requirement
Please share with us websites, frequency, output format & number of records

2. Our proposal
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Frequently Asked Questions
Industry Specific Use
Industry Specific Use
What is web scraping? What is web scraping
The internet contains a huge quantity of useful data. Unfortunately, this information is largely unstructured, which means the data is hard to conveniently access or reuse in unique ways. Web scraping is a technique for converting this unstructured content into structured data, such as an Excel spreadsheet or MySQL database. In simple terms, Web scraping is a way to get data from web into a database automatically.

What are the benefits? What are the benefits
Webscraping is a simple, fast, accurate and cost effective solution to get the data you need at your command. You can get a lot of information in one location instead of reading information from different websites. Extracting out data such as stock quotes, mortgage rates, or travel itineraries, tracking e-store prices, availability and promotions on products, news coverage or articles online, capture real estate data, financial data, job postings, auction info and more easily and happily. Once you get the data, you can use it for research or track market / competition or help you build your own resources.

How much does it cost? How much does it cost
The cost will depend on the complexity of the website. It is split into two components: One component deals with the development part and the other with data collection. You can fill in the details in our request a free quote form to get an idea of price. From our vast experience of building scrapers for all sorts of websites; we now have a matured scraping library which can deliver huge amounts of data at a very nominal cost. Prices are discounted when ordering multiple scrapes.

What factors can bring up costs? What factors can bring up costs
These are some main factors that make a job more difficult, and therefore more expensive:
• Restrictions on the number of page views per IP addresses
• Inconsistently structured data
• Obfuscated data that needs to be decoded
• Data dynamically loaded with Javascript
• Data embedded in Flash
• When there is a huge quantity of data

What data can be extracted? What data can be extracted
Any data from any website or that you see in your browser can be extracted. It can be text, images or any information that you need. Examples of web site scraping include:
• Create a web site that allows users to search for travel rates from multiple web sites in real time
• Scrape web sites containing products you'd like to sell as an affiliate, then upload that information to your own web site
• Mine text headlines from a news web site in order to create RSS feeds

In what format can I get data? In what format can I get data
We help you extract data from various websites such as online stores, online auctions, shopping sites, real estate sites, financial sites, business directories, and etc. in the format that you wish. The extracted data can be exported to a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel (CSV), Access, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL script, MySQL script and to any ODBC data source. This variety of export formats allows you to process and analyze data in your customary format.

How long does it take? How long does it take
A simple website can be scraped within a week while a larger one will take several weeks to download all the required data. We can run an instance of a scraper script which can easily download about 5, 00,000 records from a website in a week. In general, If the website is relatively small, well structured, and the data is embedded cleanly in the HTML a script will take about 4-6 days to setup and data will reach you in the frequency you want. When we have received your project details we will give you an estimation of the time required.

How frequently can I get the data? How frequently can I get the data
The frequency large depends upon the size of data that you need, if your target website has say 100,000 or 200,000 records, we can give you this data twice every week. For our monthly scraping contracts, we monitor the scraping scripts and ensure that they are running continuously without any issues. If the underlying websites make any changes in the markup which causes problems for the scraping scripts, we correct the scraping scripts as soon as possible (there is no separate cost for this maintenance work and is included in the monthly cost). We also provide you live reporting at an interval mentioned by you with progress of data collection.

How can I be assured about clean data? How can I be assured about clean data
When we first start web scraping from new websites, the data that gets out is not 100% correct the first time (but this data is not shipped out to our clients). Scraping process has to be tuned as we find different combinations regularly. We have a process of validating data in place, where we randomly select data from the output and cross check the same on the parent website. This way we continuously improve the quality of data that gets extracted.

What technology do you use? What technology do you use
We work primarily on .Net for all web page screen scraping projects.

How can I get started? How can I get started
Just complete the contact form and we will respond within one business day with a quote or some follow up questions to clarify the project.

What is the mode of payment? What is the mode of payment
You may make payment using Pay Pal or direct bank transfer. For new clients we will ask for a 50% deposit to get started.
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