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Get customized Single Page Web Applications developed by the best AngularJS development company.

We make it simple for you to build real-time applications as it has two-way data binding.

Why choose “Angular” above any other web Application framework?

Easy to Flex

Property Binding

Built-In Directive

Client-side Support

Google’s Innovation

Improved Productivity

Two ways Data-Binding

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Search Engine Optimization Capabilities

UI Deliverability in respect of Components

HTML Components Reusability possibilities

Instance Scope & Dynamic Loading Capabilities

Representational State Transfer (REST) Capabilities

Multiple Smart Features comprising in Data Binding capabilities, Model View Controller, Scope, Routing and so on!

Loginworks holds the additional power “rewarded & secured tools” apart from the competent team of Web App Developers to ensure the deliverability of given benefits within a reasonable time period.

What do we do?

Angular Project Consulting

To connect with the client and understand its project requirements, Loginworks arrange a face-to-face consulting convene. Angular project consulting assists Team of developers to progress an in-depth research on clientele Business and set performance targets.

Business Analysis

To acknowledge the Business current position and set higher standards to achieve, we at Loginworks give a kick-start to project via Business Analysis. No matter where your Business performance graph is resting, with Loginworks expertise it goes higher ahead.

Angular UI & UX Design

User-Interface and User Experience Designing by Team of Angular designers for setting outstanding standards of security for User privacy of Data along with the ability of the application to grasp control upon actionable insights.

Angular Web Application Development

The final Development of Angular Application with exquisite UI/UX Design and improved capabilities comprising in SEO, REST, HTML Component Re-usable and Dynamic loading, to ensure the amazing client and users experience ahead in the times of utilization of App.

Angular QA (Quality Assurance), Quality Control and Testing

At Loginworks, our clientele receives the round-o-clock support of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and testing team to ensure the functionality of Web Applications. Not only do we provide a team for testing on your application and project, on the contrary, upgrading the team to modify your application as per the tech-trends.

Application Migration and Modification

Updating Web Application to new version and addition of new features as per the up-sliding technology trends in the marketplace for the sole purpose of keeping you parallel to “brand-new & optimized” among users.

Why choose “Angular” above any other web Application framework?

HTML5 Application Development

Plug-in Application Development

Custom Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

Chat Box Application Development

Real-Time Application Development

Interactive Application Development

E-Commerce Application Development

Location-Based Application Development

Social networking Application Development

What does make Loginworks one stop-shop for Angular Development?

Record of thousands of Satisfied Customers

Loginworks hold the outstanding record in the context of User-satisfaction in relation to over 500 Angular development projects. Once you are in association with Loginworks, you get a grip of success invited!

Confidential claim and Project Security

We at Loginworks understand how significant it could be for a Business to keep its personal Business Data secured and confidential. With us, you can hand usable Business Data without compromising on the protection of Data. Feel free to ask for improved security.

Post-Delivery Possibility Maintenance

We better understand how corresponding to the promised timeline could be postponed accrediting to testing, bug fixing, and others. Hence, we prefer post-development and delivery of Web application to ensure on-time entrance of your application in the market.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Tech Growth

In the world of technology, the modification is a timely aspect. An application cannot maintain reaching user communities with frameworks of gone times. Loginworks ensure Shoulder-to-shoulder growth of your Business Application through instant upgrading and feature additions.

Communication Expertise

To understand one-another’s needful, communication is the key. Hence, Loginworks keeps an arranged timely interactive session with clients to obtain feedback. It helps in strengthening of relationship.

Sole Development Strategies

Loginworks prefers to work on each project in an exceptional way via adopting brand-new Strategies of Angular Development because who likes a regular and non-innovative!

Onshore & Offshore Delivery models

Each clientele preferences could be different; hence, Loginworks has resolved this matter of concern via granting onshore & offshore delivery models. Clients now can make a decision based upon cost input, hourly team work, communication gap to maintain and productivity factor.

100 percent Quality Assurance and Support

With us, it is never a bad-quality or website collapsing. We grant 24/7 client & user support to ensure maximum satisfaction receivable along with Quality assurance.

Client Testimonials

“Multiple developments Organization” It is my honour to write this and thanking Loginworks team to deliver me with multiple Business Web Applications on such a short-notice of proposing the project. The team of developers worked well on the designing of the project and does quite an appreciating job on consulting with me on each significant decision. Undoubtedly, the project journey went remarkable.
Elon Brin
“Team Work is Appreciable” A team of Developer is one of the powers with Loginworks Softwares. Indeed, teamwork that the team parades while focusing on my project is appreciable. I am uniting with Loginworks since 2015 for the launch of my Business Web Application. The consulting phase went very well where the team made a suggestion for my Business growth and setting up the target. I was quite unsure of the deliverability of the standards that the developers have set for my project, however, the outcomes made me surprisingly happy and satisfied.
Jeff Ellison