Controller App

Keeping a complete track of all the orders Related to the Restaurant including Accepting, Declining or Updating the Order Status for the convenience of Customer.

Restaurant App

Provides an overlook on the Restaurant’s Menu, Photos and various Deals to offer ease of access to the Customer.

A proper balance of Restuarant and Controller App makes things go smoothly. Here, the User has access to the Menu and Dishes available. He is also allowed to Order Food and Make Payment online. Dishes added as Favorite while ordering can be ordered directly from favorite section next time, instead of searching for dishes in the menu option. The Controller App offers an analytical and graphical view of business performance related to orders, revenues and more to the Restuarant Manager, represented in the form of charts and tables.

The Challenges

The IT industry is flooded with enormous applications dealing in the same section but we were unable to find any user-friendly application loaded with better intuitive, UX and functionality options. Also, we were thinking along the lines of developing our own food ordering app comprising of better functions and best results.


The Solution

To address this problem and to provide a required solution to it, we decided to come up with an application that ensures a better user-friendly interface along with a customizable application. This further allows ordering food of particular restaurant online and managing its track by Managers, both at the same time.

Collaboration and Communication

AppOnLease was developed by a dedicated team of experienced developers using Agile Methodology. Project collaboration was done using TaskTrek. Emails, TeamViewer and Skype served as the major routes of communication during the project development.

Technology Stack

  • AppOnLease mobile application has been developed in Native platform.
  • It can run on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • For the Front end of website HTML5 and CSS3 are used.
  • For database, MySQL is used.


  • Customized application based on user requirement.
  • Improved searches on the mobile platform: The interface allows to browse for a particular category such as soup or desserts.
  • Improved details view: Mobile interface provides just the right amount of details for a quick view of everything about the restaurant, their menu, prices, order history etc.
  • Favorite: Within the application, the user can mark a dish as “favorite”. He/she can directly order from his/her favorite dish from “favorite” section instead of searching in the menu.
  • Online Payment: Users can make an online payment and can save their details for using it next time.
  • Order Management: View/accept/decline the order, view order detail and keep a track on order status.

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