Loginworks’ Writing Guidelines

Type Of Content

‘How to’ blogs, which explain how we can archive a certain task using a technology. You can write on following technologies:


All the blogs should have topic in the following format.

How To <Task> With <Technology> ?

We are mainly giving preference to blog posts mentioned as per the above criteria.

Checklist Before Blog Submission

  • Need to add Author Bio and Profile Image for a stamped Author identity.
  • The use of Watermarked Images must be avoided in your blog post.
  • Topics chosen for writing a blog post must be related to the topics and domain expertise mentioned in our guidelines.
  • Editing the blog post after the final submission must be avoided. Try to submit your blog post after all the changes done.
  • You are required to submit a plagiarism free content.
  • The use of services in your blog post must be hyperlinked to our website services pages in order to build the internal linking.
  • We have a readability option at the end of every blog post that keens to check on the readability of your content. There must be a green signal to it.

Tool named GRAMMARLY can be used for providing a grammar check to your blog post.

  • Content written must be unique in every way. You are free to take inspiration from other blog posts, but you are also required to present it in your words with something additional to it.


Blogs will be given for a single review only. After that it will not be entertained.

Blogs will be reviewed within the time span of 24 hrs from the date of your submission. (Exceptions can be there in case of high blog quantity)


Loginworks is quite excited to expand its creative reach among the wide arena of creative heads. We are in a search of some really good and informative articles that are technical in approach and are related to IT and Technology.

In order to ensure that articles are up to the mark and are decorated as per the consistent quality and style, we have come up with certain guidelines that can further assist you with your content idea development.

There are basically three sections or criteria for writing an article and that is as follows:

  • Formatting
  • Style
  • Structure


Apart from having a well-written and well-organized content, it is also essential to include certain highlighting methods to make it more reader friendly.

  • Headers

Arranging your content in a proper manner can attract more readers towards your content. It is needful to place your content under proper headings and sub-headings. Also, assign a proper header formatting to each of your headings and sub-headings to distinguish them from each other.
Also, remember that the title should be an H1 header, and the subheadings should be an H2 header.

  • Italics and Bold

Providing an importance to the important topics can make the reader spot important things on the go. With the usage of bold and italic terms in your article, a reader is able to have a quick glance at his/her required area of concern. Also, it can add a worth to the crucial topics of your article.

  • Images

A pictorial presentation saves your article from falling into the list of boring ones. Adding related pictures or images to your article can not become eye pleasing, but also adds a pause to your content.

NOTE: We prefer images in .png, .jpg, .jpeg and GIFs context.


When it comes to styling an article, there are few details that must be given the spotlight in order to enhance your content. Below are some of the highlighted aspects of styling an article:

  • Technically Detailed

In case, you have opted for a pure technical write up, then you are obliged for providing a correct detailed explanation for each coding used. It becomes necessary to explain the importance of command used to the reader so that it can be used and modified wherever necessary.

  • Explained from the Scratch

On our website, we generally go for the articles that are comprehensive and generally written for all experience levels so that it can be accessed by all, despite their existing knowledge.

We move ahead with the goal of making readers understand the concept deeply and thoroughly, hence we demand articles that are clear, detailed and easily approachable in their content.

  • Practical and Impactful

An article with all the required knowledge in a practical and impactful manner keeps the reader glued to your article. We emphasize a practical approach to the article so as to leave the user with a usable information at the end.

Also, giving a catchy angle to your content makes the reader absorb information in an understandable and easy manner.

  • Conversational but Formal

Being creative does not require losing your formal touch. It is important to understand that we have an IT base which requires a formal and respectable tone in each of your sayings.

The use of memes, jargons or excessive jokes is simply not appreciated or entertained in our article writing policy sphere. This also includes that we do not prefer the use of the singular person (i.e. “I”), rather we use plural (i.e. “We”) or second person (i.e. “You”).


From start to end, there must be a defined structure to each article. It will not only add a readable approach to your article, but it will also make you put the required information under a defined heading. Here is the required vision to your article:

  • Title and Introduction

Providing an eye catching and SEO related title to the article not only enhances its worth, but also makes it Google friendly. A good and striking title grabs the attention and interest of the readers, thus making them go through the whole article.

An informative introduction works as a cherry on your baked cake. Introducing the purpose of the article, what is it all about, it’s brief and what will be the benefit of the article enriches the sole purpose of your article.

  • In Between

After a powerful start, it is again important to maintain the same pace of writing in the upcoming paragraphs. Introducing a detailed description to the topics covered in the introduction is what is actually required over here.

Explaining things further in a detailed yet brief manner with the help of sub-headings, bullet points and a listing of pros and cons can be stated in these paragraphs. A step-by-step approach can be listed over here as it will help the readers to gain a thorough knowledge of the topic.

  • Conclusion

In order to summarize your whole article, it is necessary to provide a proper conclusion to it. Your final opinion, an open ending or a brief conclusion to summarize the purpose of your article can be listed here.

A Guide to Blogging

There are certain expectations or rather a format to our style of write-up. One is required to follow the below mentioned format in order to get a GREEN SIGNAL from our end:

  1. We are mainly looking for tutorials as writing. By tutorials, we mean a guide on some software development process. A proper format of How To <Do Task> with <Technology> must be followed.
  2. One must start with a catchy and engaging introduction, usually to be 1-3 paragraphs long. The introduction must answer the following questions like what is the goal of the tutorial?..What are the benefits of using it?..Which software in introduced in the blog? And..What are the functionality of each of its components?
  3. A proper and meaningful step-by-step guide must be included as the in-between paragraphs.
  4. A concluding paragraph stating your opinion on the same or may be the future stats on the use of software mentioned can be opted for a related conclusion.

Remember a proper set of guidelines can direct you towards a perfect article!


How to create high-quality content for the Loginworks?

A. Creating high quality is not a big deal at all! You are only required to follow the mentioned set of guidelines over our panel and you are done.

Making things sound easier for you, below are few pointers that can be considered while developing a high-quality content. Here you are…

1. Help the User complete a specific task like when you are providing a step-by-step guide for a tutorial, then make sure you are listing the step 1 first and step 2 next so as to provide an arranged and congestion free guide to the User.

2. Make your thematic sub-sections appear in an organized manner. Follow the addition of proper sub-sections to your predefined headings. It will not only help in providing a clarity of thoughts to the reader, but it will also help in making your content appear point-to-point and organized.

3. Provide a strong and catchy title to your article. A well-defined and catchy title attracts and engages the reader throughout your article. Also, do not forget to provide an H1 formatting to your title to make it appear more highlighting.

4. Your article must the hold the power of not only inspiring or educating the reader, but it should also sound somewhat entertaining and conversational so as to make the reader glued to your article throughout.

5. Make sure the content written from your end should be completely relevant to the topic stated. Do not involve in distracting yourself and your ideas from the title chosen.

6. Watch your word count to avoid rejection. Well, this does not mean that you are just trying to fit words to achieve the word limit, but you should also make sure to insert relevant statements in support of your word count.

7. Always try to write for your audience. This means that present your article in such a manner that the reader feels that he/she is actually having a face-to-face conversation with you. Offer your readers with a complete information in a conversational style.

8. Do not forget to proofread your content before its final submission. This will help in analyzing your mistakes, grammatical errors and may also help in improving your content.

9. Offer unique value, but not just unique content. Make your content appear different from others in a highly different manner. Do not engage yourself in rephrasing the already stated content over various websites, but try to offer something which is not stated anywhere.

10. Make your content appear visually appealing through the use of related images and proper arrangement of heading and sub-headings. It is an accepted fact that readers rarely go for a content which is not image oriented, rather they prefer something which is visually appealing, image oriented and is arranged in a proper format.

11. Involvement of natural phrases in your content can actually make it sound creative. This may also provide readers with a point of thought and interaction with your article.

12. Linking your content and images to known and valuable sources can also add as a plus point for your article. It will not only help in adding worth to your content, but it may also help in making your content fall under the top Google rankings.

13. Add a layer of transparency and clarity to your thoughts. Do not keep your content in dilemma or any kind of confusion. This will help the reader go through your article with full interest.

14. Before adding any facts or stats to your content, make sure they are recent and are taken from trustworthy sites. This will act as a fact check before making your content live.

15. Define yourself or your Author Bio in a proper manner. This serves as your identification over the Internet, hence it must be valuable enough to create your own value.

16. Supplementing your content with related images, video embeds, infographics or any other kind of media work towards increasing your content’s worth and it also helps in engaging the interest of readers.

17. No one will develop an interest in an article if it’s not properly written. Decorating your content with proper grammar and correct spellings makes the reader glued to your article. A single spelling mistake or incorrect use of grammar may distract or avoid him/her from going further with the content.

18. Go through your Readability Score before publishing it over WordPress. At the end of your article appears a column which states your Readability Score, which further helps in providing a Reader point of view to your article. Try to adapt the listed pointers in your content to increase your Readability Score. Below is a screenshot for the same:

19. Before submitting your final and updated content, ask yourself if you would actually share it with others. This interrogation helps in analyzing your article in your own eyes and may also work towards improving it more.

How to Promote Your Blog for Maximum Visibility?

So now, the blog has been written and got published. The next major step is its PROMOTION!!!

How to deal with this???

Here’s the step-by-step answer to your query…

A step by step guide on how to promote your content and gain maximum viewership using various methods.

Method – 1 – Email Your Peers

You spent a great lot of time writing that great blog post and now you want people to read it? but where do you find relevant people who would love to read on the technical topic you wrote? Answeris your Email Contacts.

We all have so many people we regularly communicate with that deal with the same technology and industry as us. Create a list of such people and make sure to email them your blog link with an overview. Such lists can include colleagues, clients, business associates, and anyone else.

You can create such lists using simple notepad file or can use free versions of tools like MailChimp.

But make sure to spread out the knowledge that you just published.

Method – 2 – Use the Tail

Let’s count how many emails you sent out this week and to how many different people. Chances are you will be having a pretty long list of both emails and people you have been mailing. Why not share your content with them every time you email them?

This can be done pretty easily using Email Signatures. Every time you publish a new blog post include the hyperlink to it in your email signature.

Something along the lines of


Method – 3 – Share with the Community

Let’s say you wrote a detailed guide on How to turn WordPress into a fully functional social networking site. Where can you find a large community of people who would love to not just read but would seek your help in implementing the same on their site?

Answer is: Web Forums and Tech Communities.


For example, the WordPress Community on Reddit.com is 44,000 strong and loves to read and discuss everything WordPress.

Similarly, you too can search for the community on the technology/platform/problem you have written on. Just Google search your topic with words like FORUMS, COMMUNITY, SHARING SITE, HELP SITE.

Or you can be part of the discussions happening on Tech forums like Stackoverflow, Sitepoint, Digital Point etc.

Method – 4 – Share on Social Media

This is a no-brainer way to boost your traffic. Right when you publish your blog posts, share them to every one of your social accounts. The more immediate retweets, likes, and general shares you get, the more credibility the post receives, so kickstarting your shares right when you publish is a great way to encourage even more shares.

The most common ways to execute your Facebook content marketing efforts are through:

  • Facebook Instant Articles: Blogging and text, in general, are still the main drivers of content marketing. The bottom line is, people like to read. Hence, using Facebook Instant Articles to publish short articles similar to those that might be found on Medium or LinkedIn Pulse is a great way to build a Facebook following.
  • Facebook Groups: Facebook users set up groups to discuss ideas, movements, hobbies, brands and everything in between. Find a group relevant to your niche, join it and then (tastefully) use your content to add value to the conversations.
  • Facebook Ads: To promote your content further on Facebook, consider boosting the posts on your Facebook page or checking out the Facebook Ad Manager.

You can also try:

  • Twitter Direct Messages: The power of direct messaging is underestimated, particularly in B2B situations.
  • Twitter Moments: If you’re posting a series of tweets, perhaps because you’re live-tweeting an event, you may wish to create a Twitter Moment, which is essentially an easy-to-digest slideshow of tweets you select.
  • Twitter Ads: To get your content in front of more people, you can craft a Twitter Ad to funnel people towards your Twitter profile or website.

Method – 5 – Use hashtags to reach a larger audience

You can piggyback off of the trending hashtags you see next to your Twitter feed, or you can easily search for popular ones people are using to share related content in your niche.

Trending hashtags simply have lots of tweets using that hashtag, so your tweet lifespan is relatively short and you’ll need to make sure you use only hashtags that make sense in the context of your blog posts.

Method – 6 – Pin to the top of your twitter profile to increase your reach

When you promote your blog posts through normal tweets, you can also pin them to the top of your profile. It’s a simple practice that can increase the number of people you reach with a tweet since it’s the first post new visitors to your profile see.

Method – 7 – Share in Facebook Groups

All of us have joined one or the other Facebook Group which have a large following and sometimes these groups represent the target audience we want our blog to be read by.

So whenever you find it relevant, make sure to share your blog post in as many facebook groups as possible.

Method – 8 – Post on LinkedIn at the best possible times

Since LinkedIn is generally a professional’s social network, it makes sense that it’s busiest during weekdays at break times and right before and after work.

Tuesdays at 10–11 a.m.

Tuesday–Thursday at 7:30–8:30 a.m., noon, and 5–6 p.m.

Method – 9 – Embed infographics in your blog posts to get more shares

Infographics are the most socially shared form of content. So make sure you take full advantage of them.

Method – 10 – Include links to new posts from your most popular posts

The number of internal links to a page indicates its importance relative to other pages on the site, so if one of your previous posts was a hit among the readers make sure to link your new blog post from the previous one to redirect some of that traffic to your newer content.

Method – 11 – Update your old blog posts

Do you have an old blog post that used to do well … but seems to have fallen off the face of the (Google) planet? Refresh it! Add new content, images, videos and make it upto date with the changes and updates in technologies.


Simple and clear. Isn’t it?

Any feedback | Questions write in below comment box or send email at blogging@loginworks.com

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