It’s always advisable for the bloggers to go through the guidelines properly so to write quality blogs and win handsome prize money. Here we have guidelines for you to make sure that you rise to the top:

What We Expect From You?

Choose Your Favorite Category

You can pick the titles from the categories given in the dashboard:


Data Analytics


Data Processing


Data Mining


Big Data

Pick the Topic of Your Choice

Once you select the category, next you will get the list of the titles related to these categories. Scroll down the titles and pick the one of your choice.

Questions you need to think before jotting down your words:

What is Your Objective of Writing this Blog?

Before you start writing you should think about your objective of writing the blog.
Your objective can be knowledge sharing, problem-solving, advising or guiding so that you can
frame the structure of the content accordingly.

What Benefits Readers will Get from Your Blog?

There are a number of blogs that are flooded on the internet. Readers hardly give a look to
them because they don’t find any benefit to spare time in reading those blogs. Here you need to make yours stand out, you should think about what benefits readers will get after reading your blog. Take a stance, and draft it in a way that readers will find worth reading it.

Who are Our Target Audience?




Decision Makers


Project Delivery Heads



Keep the target audience in your mind. Your tone in the blog should be polite and should establish a connection with them. As if you are talking to every individual who is reading the blog. You can ask relevant questions to the readers to make it more engaging. Please avoid the usage of slangs.

Do Good R & D

Do your best R&D before you start blogging. You can take the help of internet, book, ebooks, expert advice and more. This will give you correct information with latest trends and developments.

Plagiarism Free Content

We take plagiarism very seriously. Duplicacy of the content is not acceptable. We love to publish 100% plagiarism free and unique content.

Word Count

• It would be great if you keep the minimum word count of 800 words.

Though we do not care about hitting word count targets. You just care deeply about ensuring readers will receive all the knowledge needed to effectively tackle their real-world problems after reading your blog.


Formatting of content is essential to increase its readability. Below points can help you. Have a look!

Header: Keep the title in H1 header and the subheadings should be in H2 header. This will help you to highlight the main points in your article.

Italics and Bold: In order to highlight any important lines or words in your content use italics and bold to make it look more attractive.

Paragraphs: One must start with a catchy and engaging introduction para and try to summarize the content further in short paragraphs.

*Bullet Points(Mandatory): Make sure that your content must have some bullet points that easy to catch the readers’ attention.


We appreciate if your article has a defined structure. It should include:


An informative introduction should be there that works as a cherry on your baked cake. It should be crisp that grab the attention of the readers and develop their interest to read the whole blog.

Main Body

After a powerful start, it is again important to maintain the same pace of writing in the main body. It’s necessary that you should maintain the consistency of the content throughout the blog. So that readers do not feel distracted.


In order to summarize your whole article, it is necessary to provide a proper conclusion or your final opinion about the subject you write.


Images add beauty to your content and make it more eye-catching for readers. You need to upload minimum two images with your blog. They can be vector images, real images, graphs, and codes. They help you to make your blog more interesting for readers and give a better understanding of your content.

Grammar Check

Make sure that your content should be free from grammatical error. You can take the use of different grammar checking tools to send us a flawless piece.


Readability that you can see on the dashboard must be green for your every article. Orange or red color is not acceptable. If its showing red or orange then you can check the issues and work on that to make it green.



We do not prefer the use of the singular person (i.e. “I”), rather we use plural (i.e. “We”) or second person (i.e. “You”). Remember that the way you are addressing your audience make your blog engaging.

Writers Get Recognition

We don’t take credit of your work. We want that writers get recognized for their work. So we need your brief author bio that we will add along with your blog on our blog’s site. Your author bio must consist of your full name, qualification, designation, experience and your purpose of writing the article with a latest photograph.

Account Suspension

If our editorial team will find any error or duplicate content then they’ll send you the mail to edit it. But despite two reminders if you’ll continue with the same mistakes then they will suspend your account. After this, you’ll not be eligible to write any blog for us.


Your prize money will be calculated on the basis of your published blogs in a week or a month. The winning amount will be credited in your bank account at the end of the month.

What Are We Not Looking?

• Do not send any sales pitch, advertisement or irrelevant content that makes us sad.

• Do not send any duplicate content.

• We will not entertain any article without images, title, and proper structure.

Blog Publish

Our editorial team will review your article within the time span of 24 hrs from the date of your submission. If required they can ask you for the changes or else publish your blog if it is good to go. You will receive a mail with a link of your published blog.

Happy Writing!

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