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I am a professional author and blogger. I initially trained as a mechanical engineer, majoring in mathematics, then spent most of my life in the clouds as a professional pilot. Throughout my working life, I have always loved writing, my passion for literacy in education led to the development of a free children's literature website. I particularly enjoy writing on technical topics, my writing achievements include producing a number of popular textbooks for pilots. My hobbies are playing the cello, golf, and writing children's books.

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10 Most Important Things You Must Know About Scientific Data Processing

Data processing provides the connection between data capture and data output. In this article, we look at 10 key things everyone needs to know about […]

What is the Role of Big Data in Data Analytics?

With our computational powers growing rather exponentially, the type and quantity of data has also grown exponentially. Every day it’s estimated that more than 2.5 […]

How to Use Data Analytics to Enhance App Development?

Whether you’re looking for email sign-ups, advertising revenue, to enhance a product or service, or as a funnel for sales of products, a mobile app […]

Top Leading Technologies for Cutting-Edge Data Processing Systems

Data processing technologies are developing as rapidly as data collection is advancing, that is, at a continually accelerating rate. There’s a whole lot of technology […]

10 Ways How Data Analytics is Boon For Real Estate Industry

Without data analytics in today’s data-driven world, any business is pretty much operating blind. Real Estate is no different. With large amounts tied up in […]

How to Calculate Project Modeling Growth By Percentage using Data Analytics?

Modeling growth in any application requires a mathematical model based on parameters affecting growth. Those parameters may include marketing budget, product development, number of increasing […]

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