Online market research attributes to success and growth of many businesses. Online market research in simple terms we can say it is the learning of current and the latest market situations which involve surveys, web, and data mining modules. To date research by use of the internet it is very important since it depends on data gathered from internet services and then one can recognize that market research keeps the business successful.

A number of managers in small businesses have a mental deem in that online market research is obligatory to big or larger companies. For true you will understand that whether the businesses is medium, large or small actually need online marketing research and this is a reason why the significance of the process and allegation will approve the targeted and potential clients. In this case, Data mining progression is employed to streamline on what targeted and potential clientele needs. Areas where data mining is used:
Preferences. In any given service or product, you will learn what a customer looking for and how your product or service is different from other competitors. By use of Data Mining, you will be able to determine the customer preferences and you will be able to modify your services and products meet the customer choice.

Buying patterns. What is known and created for purchasing patterns from different customers? A situation can be that customers try to spend a lot on certain products and little on others. But through Data mining it is easy to understand such purchasing patterns and finally plan the appropriate techniques to be used in the marketing.

Prices. To find out whether the company is selling its products to the clients or not prices are the key factors to take into account. One should understand the right selling price of the products. Web scraping is easier to find the suitable pricing.