How to create high-quality content for the Loginworks?


A. Creating high quality is not a big deal at all! You are only required to follow the mentioned set of guidelines over our panel and you are done.

Making things sound easier for you, below are few pointers that can be considered while developing a high-quality content. Here you are…

1. Help the User complete a specific task like when you are providing a step-by-step guide for a tutorial, then make sure you are listing the step 1 first and step 2 next so as to provide an arranged and congestion free guide to the User.

2. Make your thematic sub-sections appear in an organized manner. Follow the addition of proper sub-sections to your predefined headings. It will not only help in providing a clarity of thoughts to the reader, but it will also help in making your content appear point-to-point and organized.

3. Provide a strong and catchy title to your article. A well-defined and catchy title attracts and engages the reader throughout your article. Also, do not forget to provide an H1 formatting to your title to make it appear more highlighting.

4. Your article must the hold the power of not only inspiring or educating the reader, but it should also sound somewhat entertaining and conversational so as to make the reader glued to your article throughout.

5. Make sure the content written from your end should be completely relevant to the topic stated. Do not involve in distracting yourself and your ideas from the title chosen.

6. Watch your word count to avoid rejection. Well, this does not mean that you are just trying to fit words to achieve the word limit, but you should also make sure to insert relevant statements in support of your word count.

7. Always try to write for your audience. This means that present your article in such a manner that the reader feels that he/she is actually having a face-to-face conversation with you. Offer your readers with a complete information in a conversational style.

8. Do not forget to proofread your content before its final submission. This will help in analyzing your mistakes, grammatical errors and may also help in improving your content.

9. Offer unique value, but not just unique content. Make your content appear different from others in a highly different manner. Do not engage yourself in rephrasing the already stated content over various websites, but try to offer something which is not stated anywhere.

10. Make your content appear visually appealing through the use of related images and proper arrangement of heading and sub-headings. It is an accepted fact that readers rarely go for a content which is not image oriented, rather they prefer something which is visually appealing, image oriented and is arranged in a proper format.

11. Involvement of natural phrases in your content can actually make it sound creative. This may also provide readers with a point of thought and interaction with your article.

12. Linking your content and images to known and valuable sources can also add as a plus point for your article. It will not only help in adding worth to your content, but it may also help in making your content fall under the top Google rankings.

13. Add a layer of transparency and clarity to your thoughts. Do not keep your content in dilemma or any kind of confusion. This will help the reader go through your article with full interest.

14. Before adding any facts or stats to your content, make sure they are recent and are taken from trustworthy sites. This will act as a fact check before making your content live.

15. Define yourself or your Author Bio in a proper manner. This serves as your identification over the Internet, hence it must be valuable enough to create your own value.

16. Supplementing your content with related images, video embeds, infographics or any other kind of media work towards increasing your content’s worth and it also helps in engaging the interest of readers.

17. No one will develop an interest in an article if it’s not properly written. Decorating your content with proper grammar and correct spellings makes the reader glued to your article. A single spelling mistake or incorrect use of grammar may distract or avoid him/her from going further with the content.

18. Go through your Readability Score before publishing it over WordPress. At the end of your article appears a column which states your Readability Score, which further helps in providing a Reader point of view to your article. Try to adapt the listed pointers in your content to increase your Readability Score. Below is a screenshot for the same:

19. Before submitting your final and updated content, ask yourself if you would actually share it with others. This interrogation helps in analyzing your article in your own eyes and may also work towards improving it more.


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