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Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms for your online business. You can get robust storefront models with its various versions such as Magento 1.9, Magento 2.0. Its advanced features and exceptional versatility make Magento the most powerful enterprise-class eCommerce framework.

Are you ready to unleash the power of Magento?

This guide will help you to understand the various aspects of Magento pricing. So that you can better estimate your Magento eCommerce store. Take a look!

For newbie here is a brief about Magento:

What is Magento?

Magento is one of the frameworks of PHP that makes it much easier to add new features and custom solutions to scale your online business. It is an eCommerce platform built on open source technology that gives you an opportunity to expand your business in the digital world. It has various functionalities that provide the user a great online shopping experience. Magento offers a complete package for an eCommerce platform that includes integration, plugins, designing, functionalities, powerful marketing, SEO, payment gateways, catalog-management and more.

This is the fact that your business deserves more than a prepackaged solution. So in Magento, everything from the storefront to the website’s layout can easily be customized. This enables your businesses to extend the boundaries of innovation and create incredible shopping experiences for users.

What Magento leads as a Winner?

  • If you are an eCommerce business owner then you must look for the best platforms that take your websites to the top of the SERPs. Thus Magento is the one-stop solution for you that fulfill all your needs.
  • Magento is the world’s most-versatile and high-performance e-Commerce platform.
  • It has the features that can be tweak according to your business needs.
  • It combines MySQL Database and PHP script to deliver superior functionality.
  • Its EAV (Entry-Attribute-Value)model allows good flexibility.
  • It enjoys multi-store functionality with the single administrative panel.
  • It provides unlimited scope for further growth and improvement.

Why Prefer Magento?

These days many big brands use Magento to empower their eCommerce business. It has the ability to make online store even bigger than it was before. Read its benefits here:

  • With the help of Magento now you can run and manage your online business 24x7x365 stress-free. You can set up each store in single admin panel with its unique product catalog.
  • One of the most prominent features of Magento is that it includes analytics for tracking your website visitors as well.
  • Magento has the power to produce fast loading web pages. The faster your website loads, the faster information can be received by the online consumer that will ultimately generate more leads.
  • It offers top of the line order security and product management options that include custom reporting features.
  • It supports all currencies and languages around the world.
  • Magento allowing 3rd party integration that gives an online store bigger space for custom integration.

What Are the Factors Related to Magento Pricing?

This is true that none of the development companies can give you an exact cost before the completion of the project. Still, there are some factors that are related to Magento pricing. You can consider them while estimating the cost of your Magento store.

Estimated Project Completion Time

Magento development requires great diligence and time. So don’t fall for false promises of getting a complete and functional eCommerce store in a week. On the other side keep a check that your development company won’t linger on the project just to add extra cost. It’s always better to get the minimum and maximum time estimation before your project starts.

Additional Cost

When you started Magento project it is expected that you need to bear the little additional cost as well. But this is due to different kinds of functionalities and plugins need to add to your online store to make user-friendly. These extra plugins can cost you more but they are the one-time investment and are worth to spend on.

Team Size

Magento is not a one-man army project. It requires a whole team that includes junior and Sr. PHP developer, frontend and backend developers, SEO and analytic experts, web designers and graphic designers. This may lead to your cost depends how much-experienced candidates you want in your team.

Hosting Prices

Hosting prices may vary as per your requirement. You can get shared hosting that cost you less but it is always advisable to buy a dedicated server cluster hosting for big eCommerce projects. Many times freelancers do not mention hosting cost in the quotation. So it’s better to ask them before giving them a start.


Various extensions other than some default ones add cost. If you want to go for some latest, high-end extensions to make your store more functional then you need to spend accordingly. But it is also not required that you pay the extra price for some unnecessary extensions. You should check the requirement and usage of the extensions then pay for them else they can overburden your budget.

Project Outsourcing

You can get your Magento store in three ways either in-house development, freelancing developers or development company. But we recommend that if you are looking for a perfect Magento store with all needed functionalities then you should outsource your project to a professional and experienced development company. They not just develop the store for you but guide you in terms of marketing and SEO activities as well that gives you good profits.

License Cost

The license cost depends on the revenue model. If you fall into the category of high revenue band then you need to pay a lower percentage of the fixed license cost. There will be renewal cost as well. If the license is not renewed after the completion of one year then also your store will remain online but with no support. So its recommended to obtain a license and get it a renewal for the smooth functioning of your store.

Check the Reviews

Before finalizing any development company you should always make sure to check their reviews. There are the companies those who charge hidden cost as well. So its always recommended to check the review of few companies and then finalize the deal with them. But be sure that your project will complete on time and you will not need to bear any hidden cost.

In order to beat the cut-throat competition in eCommerce market, you have to stay on your toes. You need constant development in your eCommerce store to keep it updated, fast and user-friendly.

Magento Pricing Categories

Here you can see how Magento price varies according to the different categories of the store:

Magento eCommerce Low-Cost Store

If you are a newbie in eCommerce industry and want to step into this field that you should go for Magento eCommerce low-cost store. This is true that in this low-cost package you’ll get only the basic installation. You can start with this if you want to see the initial response of your eCommerce store. But sooner or later you have to invest to get the essence of the sophisticated features in order to add more functionalities in it for better user experience.

Magento eCommerce Minimum Budget Store

If you have the minimum budget to go for eCommerce store then you can think about that latest version of Magento CE. This is a default and reasonable theme that includes Magento system and extensions. This may help you to make your eCommerce store little more functional than a low-cost store but in order to make it more user-friendly and popular, you need to spend some extra money.

Magento Custom Store

Here comes the complete Magento store that gives you different extensions, custom modules, attractive appearance, back-office system integration, secure payment gateways and best functionalities. For this, you need to spend a bit more money. But believe us it will be your long-term investment that will surely earn good ROI in long run.

Magento Enterprise Store

Magento Enterprise Store is a superlative package of Magento eCommerce platform.This is the most customized and flexible platform that is developed for big companies. The entire appearance and features can easily be tailored according to the business need. The eCommerce stores developed on this platform are more user and mobile friendly, have a multi-store environment with default extensions, SEO(Search Engine Optimization)coupon offers and marketing tool as well. But yes this cost heavy amount. This can be a boon to eCommerce store owners those who want immediate results.

What Do You Actually Need?

You must have analyzed that Magento store price varies according to different features and requirements of the business. But the matter of concern is what do you actually need?

  • Magento store can be good for small and medium businesses only when they have the good credibility to spend.
  • Magento is best for big enterprises those who want to earn good ROI from their investment.
  • It is a one-time expense that’s why need serious attention and every bit calculation of what extensions, modules and functionalities your business needs.
  • You are in a need to hire a well-experienced team from the reputed development company. They utilize your money in a best possible way and give you 100% satisfactory results.
  • Investing in Magento is like investing for your future. High-end functionalities, secured payment methods and satisfy user experience will definitely pay off.
  • Apart from eye-catching Magento Store with excellent functionalities you need to do effective online marketing with SEO that will definitely boost your revenue.


Don’t stress yourself, if you have decided to enter into eCommerce industry then start with a bang. Money is not everything you should consider other factors as well when you planned to launch an online store. Remember that eCommerce stores are like offline stores where if any department does not work properly it will scare your potential customers.

You should never go for lowest prize platforms to save some bucks. Instead, think about huge ROI and take it as a long-term investment. Though you can easily find the freelance developers those who can develop your Magento store within a very short time with very less cost. But remember an attractive and effectual Magento store can only be developed with the help of seasoned professionals. They not only have expertise in development, designing and integration but also guide you with effecting marketing tools and SEO tactics. This will surely hit your targeted online audience.

So if you want to stand out from competition and ensure a better user experience with guarantee growth then you need to put some extra efforts to analyze what you expect from your eCommerce store. Hopefully, this guide will help you to invest wisely in Magento that will yield long-term benefits to your business and save you from bearing the unnecessary cost.

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