How to Use Power BI Pro Services Account

As Power BI being a cloud-based business analytics service, it enables to analyze and visualize data more efficiently with greater speed and understanding.
In this article, I will be guiding you through the Power BI Pro services that include the license given to an individual which allows access to all capabilities and content in the Power BI service, including the ability to share content and collaborate with other Pro users.
I will also brief you through the procedure of upgrading Power BI account and the key benefits we get on updating the Power BI account.

key Pointers on Power BI Pro account:

  • Microsoft power BI gives 60 days trial for free use on the first account.
  • If you want to use a trial account then download from this link:
  • The users who exploit the in-item Power BI Pro preliminary don’t show up in the Office 365 administrator gateway as Power BI Pro Trial clients (they sign up as Power BI free clients).
  • They do, notwithstanding, appear as Power BI Pro Trial clients in the oversee stockpiling page in Power BI.

Power bI has categorized the prices in 3 parts:

1. Author (Power BI Desktop)

2. Share and collaborate (Power Bi Pro)

3. Scalable large deployments (Power BI Premium)


  • Associated with several information sources.
  • Clean and get ready information utilizing visual apparatuses
  • Examine and construct shocking reports with custom representations
  • Publish to the Power BI services
  • Embed in websites

2.Share and collaborate:

  • Manufacture dashboards that convey a 360-degree, real-time of the business
  • Stay up with the latest naturally, including on-premises sources
  • Work together on shared information
  • Review and administer how information is gotten to and utilized
  • Bundle substance and convey to clients with applications

3.Scalable large deployments:

  • Increase committed limit you assign, scale, and control
  • Disperse and Embed content without buying per-client licenses
  • Distributor gives an account of premises with Power BI Report Server
  • Open greater limit and higher points of confinement for your Pro users

Below is the amount to be paid in US Dollar as shown in the image given below:

  • Power BI Pro is an individual permit that enables access to all substance and capacities in the Power BI benefit, including the capacity to impart substance and team up to other Pro clients.
  • Just Pro clients can distribute to and expend content from application workspaces, share dashboards, and buy into dashboards and reports.
  • For more data, see Power BI includes by permit compose.
  • This article initially discloses how to buy Power BI Pro licenses in Office 365.
  • The article then clarifies the two choices you have for handing out those licenses to singular clients: Office 365 and Azure (pick one alternative).

1. Buy licenses in Office 365:

Follow these steps to purchase Power BI Pro licenses:

  1. Open the Office 365 admin center(
  2. On the left navigation pane, select Billing > Subscriptions.

3. In the upper right corner of the Subscriptions page, select Add subscriptions.

Find the coveted membership advertising:
4. Under Enterprise Suite, select Office 365 Enterprise E5.

5. Under Other Plans, select Power BI Pro.

6. Hover over the ellipsis (. . .) for the desired subscription, and select Buy now.

7. Choose Pay monthly or Pay for a full year, according to your billing preference.

8. Enter the desired number of licenses as How many users do you want and then select Check out now to complete the transaction.

9. Verify that the acquired subscription is now listed on the Subscriptions page.

Assign licenses in Office 365:

Now, assign license in office 365 login in office and hover user panel then, it will show the user list.
You should select active user then, the list will show select user and, then, under product license select edit.

Under Power BI Pro, toggle the setting to On, then select Save.

Under Status for the selected account, verify that the Power BI Pro license has been assigned successfully.

Assign licenses in Azure:

  • Login in Azure pannel accounts after that go on the azure active directory on left menubar click on that, then, select ‘license’ from the right side of the column.

Under Licenses, select All products then select Power BI Pro to display the list of licensed users.

Manage Power BI Pro licenses:

  • As an admin, you can buy and appoint Power BI Pro licenses; and can agree to accept a Power BI Pro preliminary for your association.
  • People can likewise agree to accept a Power BI Pro preliminary.

Buying Power BI Pro:

  • You can buy Power BI Pro licenses through Microsoft Office 365 or through an ensured Microsoft accomplice.
  • After you buy the licenses, you allocate them to singular clients. For more data, see Purchase and allocate Power BI Pro licenses.

Power BI Pro preliminary for people:

  • People in your association can agree to accept a Power BI Pro preliminary.
  • For more data, see Signing up for Power BI as a person.

Suggestion :

  • For upgrade your trial account then your account should exist on ( with same email id and Microsoft Office 365 account ( and power bi app (
  • You can also upgrade account from power BI web, However, before upgrading, we have to buy a license from Microsoft 365 and assign license in Azure then the account will be pro account.


With this, we come to the end of tutorial on Topic “How to use Power BI Pro Services Account”. In this article, I have explained to the procedure of upgrading your Power BI account and described the use of Power BI Pro services. I hope this will help you to improve your knowledge to work on Power BI Pro services.
However, suggestions or queries are always welcome, so, do write in the comment section.

Thank You for Learning!!!

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