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If you’re considering content scraping, you may wonder why it’s so important.  There are several reasons why it’s important to make content scraping part of your operational plan.


First, you can use content scraping to keep an eye on your competition without visiting each website.  You can easily set up parameters for your scraping campaign to follow so that you can scrape key information, such as sales and news information that your competitors may post.  This will allow you to adjust your plans accordingly, so you can stay a step ahead of the competition.

Secondly, you can use the content scraping process as a means to perform valuable research, again by using keywords.  Then, you will be presented with numerous articles that you can read at your own pace, as opposed to manually doing a search engine query and dealing with multiple sites yourself.  This will save you time, and if you’re paying employees to do this research, it will certainly save you money.

Although many people use content scraping for less than honorable reasons, there are many legitimate reasons to do so, such as the reasons given above.  If you need to keep an eye on a number of sites for any given reason, content scraping provides a quick and easy way for you to do so, which makes it an extremely important practice.


Grabbing The Content You Desire


So you’ve decided to start a content scraping campaign, but you’re wondering how to grab the content you want.


The best way to accomplish this task is to use keywords.  Suppose you run a publication and you need to keep abreast of news surrounding celebrities.  You would use keywords relating to them.  So, you’d likely want to include in your keywords list the names of popular celebrities such as Christina Ricci and John Travolta.  By doing this, you’ll automatically get content that mentions these celebrities.


If, for example, you run a website on political matters, you’d want to include the names of key politicians as well as key issues, such as gun control or toughness on crime.  By doing this, you’ll get a wealth of information that can be applied to your efforts.


One risk you run in using simple keywords is that you can get too much information, so you may wish to refine your search.  Say, for example you want to know when Christina Ricci has a new movie out.  So, then, you’d use the keywords “Christina Ricci new movie.”  Here, too, is a risk, because you would miss out on other news involving your target.  However, you will need to consider your own needs in deciding how specific to make your keyword search.


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