TOC Checklist for Sustainability

When the issue for consideration goes to track online coverage, many starting business people have to scratch their heads and ask: How do we do it? Where do we start? And what are the things to be tracked and so on and so forth?

Here is a suggested checklist that would guide you whether you are new in business or not. This checklist works well in small business and could serve as a good start.

Sustainability Checklist

1. Do I maintain a website for my business? You need to have an online presence by having your own website. This is the place that you can exclusively control and manage. Although posting your products on other sites can be helpful, it is always beneficial to have your own niche.

2. Does my website show my products and services clearly? Your website should clearly and effectively showcase your products and services. This is the right place where you can show off what you have and how it can benefit your clients and followers.

3. Do I keep a record of my clients and visitors? It is important that you have knowledge of the number, kind, and preferences of your visitors. In this way, you will be able to better serve them by developing products in line with their needs and demands.

4. Do I use social media to promote my products and services? The social media is an effective tool in advertising. It is fast, comprehensive and very popular. The more connections you have, the more are your chances of being known and later patronized.

5. Do I have an attractive and professional brand image? The way your website looks can either be a turn on or a turn off. It would either make or unmake your business. Your website should be attractive and truthful. It should speak of the verity and effectivity of your product, your intentions, and your reliability.

6. Have I been linking my website to other sites? It is important to have connections to increase traffic. You need to branch out and make the whole world know that you exist. You can do this by linking your website to other sites that may benefit from your products and services. You can also join forums and actively exchange ideas and experiences with other entrepreneurs and consumers.

7. Do I have a regular plan of building my online presence? Establishing a website is not enough. You need to regularly groom it to meet your consumers’ demands and to keep in stride with your contemporaries and competitors. It is an ongoing endeavor to update and monitor what needs to be addressed and changed.

8. Do I have the proper software and TOC service provider? You should use the best way to make your online presence felt and appreciated. Your business deserves the best provider so you need to research and seek expert advice on which service provider to subscribe to.

9. Do I have new visitors every day? The frequency of users’ visits to your site is important. You have to make sure that your website is visited every single day or there might be something wrong with it. This is one of the important factors you have to monitor if you need to succeed in your business.

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