How to Track Online Coverage – SEO, Social Media, and More!

The moment you have made yourself or your company a part of the World Wide Web, it is but practical for you to go into TOC (track online coverage). You are entitled to know what is being spoken or written about you or your business. Moreover, you will be able to get an overview of how your company is faring compared with your contemporaries or competitors. You can start doing this by checking specific keywords, related businesses, and names.

Some critics claim that it is impossible to monitor online presence; but actually, there are a lot of help you can find on the Web and you will be in for more benefits than difficulties. In fact, you can literally do your own monitoring; seek expert help; and be at peace and confident about the knowledge you acquire regarding your online presence.

Do Your Own Monitoring

If you think you have enough time and capacity to do the tracking by yourself, here some of the things that you can do. You can have a regular daily schedule to monitor your online image and it will be shorter as you do it more frequently. One of the basic ways is checking your email for updates such as words or phrases related to your brand, products and services, competitors, and key people or companies in your industry.

Another is by doing a search on SEO and social networking sites. Likewise, you can use the existing search engines and popular websites to check your online presence. Through Twitter, you can get a feedback of keywords, people, companies, and other related themes. The result is quick and in real time or as far back as one week. On the other hand, you can use Topsy for tracking the past 6 months’ tweets. Through LinkedIn Answers, you can ask and answer business-specific questions. By subscribing to RSS feed, you can read questions that pertain to your company or clients; track questions by your followers and answer them as soon as possible as well as be abreast with discussions and forums about your industry.

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