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Client Background

Our client is one of the well-renowned insurance companies in the US. They approach directly to the clients for their insurance services. They also work through Independent Financial Advisers, brokers, trade unions and other non-profit societies. This company covers the following areas:

    • Life Insurance includes: Life Protection, Accidents and Medical
    • General Insurance includes: Home, Vehicles, Business, Holidays and more
    • Pension Insurance includes: Retirement Schemes, Savings and Investment Insurance



Project Details

Our client has a huge database relating to its customers-potential and existing. This database actually holds details on over 5 million insurance customers. So in order to maintain this database and update it regularly client needed our assistance. The project entailed the cleansing of all data errors, ensuring correct database, cross-checking of data to ensure it provides a unified view of each customer.



Project Requirements

These days companies are focusing more on client-relationship management. They want to be in touch with their customers to solve their issues and serve them better. This turns them to their loyal customers. CRM plays a vital role in our client’s success. They asked us the details of each customer should be cleansed, standardized, verified and validated according to all the reliable sources of information. They also required that the accounts had to be segmented to give them a better understanding of the patterns of their customers’ behavior. Scalability was also required in the project because the client couldn’t manage the growing quantity of data.



Scope of the Project

The project was interesting for us and its scope involved:

    • Identifying Data in the Core Systems
    • Scrubbing of data to enable a smooth flow
    • Build a new consolidated database system
    • Resolving the issues with the disparate inter-company data
    • Need to merge multiple databases
    • Recognizing the metadata that was needed to be cleansed
    • Cleaning of historical data
    • Updating the consolidation system with a clean and complete database
    • Checking the accuracy and consistency of the delivered data



Challenges We Faced

We take every challenge as an opportunity and believe this is our greatest strength. In this project, we faced some challenges such as:
    • Merging multiple information databases
    • Managing the flow of a large volume of data
    • Correction of values to remove duplicacy
    • Remove invalid entries
    • Maintaining Fidelity of information
    • Adding metadata
    • Profiling and segmenting the accounts



Solutions We Offered

With an optimum data processing experience in insurance industry Login works Software helped the client to manage and maintain CRM database well. Our team of experts with sound knowledge of Excel and Word and with data methodologies we served them the solutions with complete accuracy. We appointed a team of 25 data entry professionals, 2 Team leaders and 1 Project Manager to ensured timely delivery with 100% accuracy.  Our data experts:

    • Cleansed and standardized all the customers’ details
    • Maintained the right flow of data
    • Identified repeated entries to De-duplicate the database
    • Validate and verified customers’ information
    • Build new customer database with entered the details of around 150000 customers.



With our comprehensive range of data cleansing services, we helped our client to gain accurate customers’ database. This helped them to established healthy relations with their customers. This not only increased their repeat customers but also reduced their monthly mailing costs. The clean data provided to them by us also increased their conversion rates. So overall cleansing and de-duplication saving their lots of operational costs and bringing them good ROI.



How Can We Help You?

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