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Data Capturing

In the times of cut-throat competition and thin margins, organizations are coming up with brilliant marketing strategies to be at the top of their game. Data entry is an important requirement for any business domain, be it retail, healthcare, real estate or anything in between. They frequently conduct surveys & collect customer feedback in order to gather more insight into their customers and prospects. Hence data capture services play a key role in the accumulation of information so that entrepreneurs can make faster and more concrete decisions. Further data capturing helps them in an early assessment of risks and threats.

An efficient data capturing methodology sets how an organization collects and manages information about their customers and prospects. A good data capture technique will ensure high quality and error-free data collection, allowing you to derive more accurate insights about your customers and prospects and enhance your relationship with them.

The job of data capturing is very monotonous and repeated in nature, organizations require quality executives to manage their well-researched data.

Thus, most organizations prefer to outsource the data capture services to the experts of this job in order to utilize the latest data capture technology with a high quality of work. We release our clients from the laborious task of mining targeted data from complex data capture forms and documents with numerous fields

Data Capturing Simplified

LoginWorks is well equipped to handle electronic data capture from various sources of data like:

Why Choose LoginWorks

LoginWorks is a forerunner in data capturing service. Through years of experience and expertise, we have established ourselves as a leader at providing electronic data capture solutions. We very well understand the criticality of handling sensitive data and therefore employ the best industry standards to guarantee 100% data security. We access client’s server using secured VPN technology or by working offline.

Outsourcing data capture services to LoginWorks will ensure accurate services and timely delivery!

Our data capture process comprises electronic data capture using data scanning techniques like optical character recognition (OCR) and radio frequency identification (RFID), image de-skew, data processing, data analysis, and data storage.

LoginWorks has incredible expertise in electronic data capture services of all kinds; paper to image conversion, document imaging services and, data processing services.

With our cutting edge technology, we are capable of processing external data formats like text, image, audio or video into your preferred the output formats.

We can handle a large volume of data with international quality standard compliance.

We employ good and high-speed scanners.

Why we are an edge above others electronic data capture companies

We utilize Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and RFID for improved accuracy and quality.

To ensure that the exact data your business requires is readily available and free of any discrepancies. We format information fittingly for a more efficient application.

Trust our experience and expertise in Data Capture, we judiciously assess our client’s specific needs and extract the most relevant data required for your business’s requirements.

Data is valuable to your business if it is correct. We eliminate data discrepancies by fixing prevailing errors, deleting duplicate data, and cautiously format the final, correct data into a new database that is 100% free of upsetting issues and inaccuracies.

LoginWorks’s data capture technique simplifies the data sharing process. We create databases that can be shared across a range of software and platforms. You can easily share sensitive client information, business data, important files, product information, and so much more, across numerous software systems, office locations, company partners and subsidiaries.

LoginWork’s customizable and scalable capture services enable our clients to meet their specifications so that their final database works exactly the way they want it and when they want it. We make the daily operations of our customers hassle-free with our scalable services that collect data in any large and small quantity with equal ease.

With our superb technology, we can transfer images into text. Our comprehensive data capture services include transferring scanned images into searchable text files. This helps you sort and find the exact data you need.

Our customers largely benefit from our data capture services when organizing paper documents for structuring data into an electronic format. This process makes it easily searchable, accessible, and much more efficient than relying on paper data. This is a must-have requirement for any progressive business.

Using our expertise in data capture service we can translate hand printed and written characters for a deeper analysis and retrieval. With this process, your organization does not have to struggle with difficult to read data and information.

Our data capture service is a great choice for hospitals, real estate, retail business and, other large and small organizations.

Barcode recognition during data capture to retrieve data improves business processes, adding speed and accuracy to an organization’s daily workflows.

LoginWorks data capture enables to collect and record data for future reference, enabling businesses to better analyze the monetary situation, statistics, pricing, and much more.

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