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Data Migration Services

The Low Cost, High Reward Way to Implement Data Migration Services

Data Migration

We at Loginworks are one of the premier leaders of data migration services. We aim at making our services a compliment to your business. We have the facilities for you that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The company looks after at every aspect of data migration solution in order to help you transfer your achieved data to any of the platforms or servers of your choice or into the clouds. Being a promising service provider in data migration business, we understand the urgency behind transferring the entire business data to a new network. Our experience and expertise have thus been molded to offer you affordable services along with maintaining the quality. Data migration is a complicated procedure that needs the best assistance, and that is why we employ our best resources with over 8+ years of experience and the right industry exposure to get the work done for our clients.
Loginworks owns tremendous experience that helps our professionals to execute the best strategy for companies with varied business sizes. When joining hands with us for data migrations services we can offer you the following benefits:

Data Migration
Move Without Worry

Our Data Migration team makes moving your data easier than ever. We will make sure that your transition to our platform will be smooth and worry free. You provide us with your data and can count on us to convert it. Our tried and true process ensures important data is transitioned to the Loginworks AnyWhere platform quickly and reliably. It’s a breeze.

Data Migration
Experienced, Tenured Team

We are experts at migrating data from your legacy systems. Our experienced and tenured Data Migration Services team has completed thousands of large and small scale migration projects for our clients. They will guide you through the transition and ensure it is as seamless as possible. You’re in capable hands.

Data Migration
Any System, All Data

If you have a system with data, we can migrate it. Floors, suites, work order, tenant, contact, equipment, tasks, schedules, historical data and more can all be converted. Simply tell us the data you’d like to bring over and our project team will work with you to move it.

Migrate to a Flexible, Affordable Enterprise Data Migration Services Solution

For a complete data services solution, Loginworks also offers affordably priced enterprise software packages that provide all you need to develop, deploy, and manage SOA-enabled data migration services and data cleaning services. With modular components for data integration, data quality, master data management, and business process management, all utilizing a unified platform and presenting a consistent user experience, Loginworks open source technologies provide a flexible, low-cost integrated data services solution accessible to any organization.

In support of our enterprise data migration services and global data services solutions, Loginworks also offers expert technical and consulting services to help users choose the right solution for their needs and to get the most possible value from Loginworks Softwares.

Data Migration
Why not take the first step down the open source path to low-cost, high-value data migration services for your organization?

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Data Migration

Why Loginworks

Model and map data transfer services and data transformations.

Use configurable connector components to easily read from or write to nearly any type of file format, database, mainframe system, or enterprise application, as well as cloud and SaaS data services like Salesforce, Netsuite, or Amazon S3.

Develop data migration and transformation processes in a drag-and-drop graphical development environment, with automatic generation of the underlying code.

Deploy code as jobs, stand-alone executables, or as data migration services within your existing SOA infrastructure.

Industries We Served

We have served a wide range of industries like Travel, Retail, Real Estate, Government, Healthcare, Finance and many more. We have delivered our work in multiple industry verticals over the years and helped businesses in different domains.

Banking & Finance
Health & Fitness
Shopping & E-Commerce
Education & E-Learning
Sports & Recreation
Food & Drink

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