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Social Media Data

Social Media Data Mining Services

Mine your social media data for a better ROI

Loginworks provides Social Media Data Mining as a solution to transform raw data from social media comments, posts, tweets, and images into useful, usable, and actionable information. Businesses can pinpoint trends, analyze behaviors and influences, and identify patterns with a greater degree of accuracy. Loginworks service model is scalable, flexible, and suits a variety of budgets without making any compromises on quality and customized support.

Our Offerings

Social Media Data Mining:

Loginworks extracts a rich range of data from any variety of social media sources and content formats, including both textual and image-based material. The relevant data is entered into a system and then configured for verification, processing, and formatting action.

Social Media Data Validation and Enrichment

Loginworks validates all information extracted from social media content to ensure absolute accuracy. Errors, redundancies, and extraneous data are removed, and remaining information is cleansed, and refined with additional supportive attributes.

Social Media Database Preparation and Design

Loginworks prepares the mined data for database formatting, which includes structuring tables and fields with customized classification, and by any number of client-specified criteria. This ensures a seamless, smooth means of searching for data, and locating, accessing, and distributing information will be fast and simple.

Social Media Data
Social Media Summarization and Reporting

Logonworks provides a user-friendly means to interpret mined social media content via summarization and reporting. Information will be compatible across devices for accessibility and easy collaboration and sharing, and key data will be presented according to business objectives.

Benefits of Availing Loginwork’s Social Media Data Mining Solutions

Companies can capture the potential of their social media to increase revenue, improve sales and advertising efficacy, and entice new customers while utilizing the following advantages:

Social Media Data
Ethical Mining:

Loginworks practices ethical mining practices, being mindful of how sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is handled. Data Protection is enforced throughout the mining process, including authorized-only access to data, 24-hour surveillance of hardware, and GDPR compliant data collection, processing, and usage.

Consumer Focused Goals:

Businesses can focus their social media mining directives for consumer-based objectives, such as customer sentiment mining for marketing campaigns or customer service development.

Track Opinion:

Organizations can better track public opinion of their services, products, ad campaigns, and brand image per business division with Loginworks custom approach to specific mining objectives.

Amplify Internal Data:

Businesses can combine Loginworks social media findings with their own internal data to produce insights about their social media strategies, sales tactics, customer loyalty programs, and content effectiveness.

Identify Influencers:

Discover and identify key influencers who can positively affect your social media platforms and build a network of brand ambassadors.

Reputation Management:

Companies can gain control over their reputation management by utilizing Loginworks Social Media Mining services as an amplification tool for awareness generation and target their brand expertise and knowledge where it will achieve the most impact.

Social Media Data
Social Media Data
Identify Improvements:

Find out which areas of your services, products, and marketing campaigns could benefit from improvement, and which are doing well, with accurately mined intel from Loginworks.

Competitor Analysis:

Learn more about how your customers feel about your competitors, and which of your competitor , sales strategies and social media outreach programs are resonating with customers.

Keyword Generation:

Loginworks uses keyword generation to ensure that the most useful data is extracted in our Social Network Mining processes and performs supplemental analysis to help companies maximize the potential of their social network mining projects.

Industries We Served

We have served a wide range of industries like Travel, Retail, Real Estate, Government, Healthcare, Finance and many more. We have delivered our work in multiple industry verticals over the years and helped businesses in different domains.

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