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Web Data Mining

Helping you uncover meaningful insights from raw data

Web Data Mining Services

With the enormous expanse in the usage of internet not only for sharing and transferring data, but also for dissecting and analyzing data, it is evident that market research must take into account as many sources of data as possible. By analyzing common terms across multiple verticals, key search queries, feature focus and other relevant factors related to the activity of individuals in social media and web, you can be better equipped to enter the marketplace.

How Web Data Mining Works?


There is a very large store of data on the internet related to website activity, social media activity, demographics and search patterns, and previous campaigns in marketing - both in advertising field and in ongoing social campaigns.

Web data mining uses latest tools to analyze and identify key trends on the web. There are three important categories of web data mining, but web usage data is most important.

This data can be used to produce a detailed report that includes information related to the website traffic, its conversion rates, revenue impact, activations and then present major findings related to improvement of the site and how to achieve higher numbers across the board.

Exploration data is provided, digging into the analytics for any one search query and tracking the web path taken by a visitor or client not only to reach that page, but also its aftermath. This data helps us recognize features that are lacking from the site, pain-points, or other bottlenecks that might cause problems.

Analysis and Web Data Mining Tools Used

Loginworks Data Entry Services provider offers competent and expert web data mining services to clients across the globe. For every website a database of information is maintained and stored so that when someone put in a search query, the results come up for display. The websites could be developed for all.

We have dedicated team of professionals that pick up useful information from the search results and store them in a database format as asked by the customers. They search for data from different websites, directories and search engines and extract information from them. A summary execution report is prepared that includes information that has to be sourced and from which reference areas and the information is shared across the team.

We have web data extraction software in place that defines and extract information that is required to automate the process to a certain level such as automatic extraction of data in excel database. Web scripting for data retrieval & web page macros helps in gathering of millions of records at very short span of time.

At Loginworks, we capture crucial website data through conditional extract of data into excel files and or copy data from web pages. We furnish the captured data in to excel form database and data from excel into web page provided as given by the clients. Thus, our overall work happens to be downloading of data from web pages and get data back onto websites respectively. Some of our common data mining work includes cart data mining, business data introduction mining, customer data mining transforming web, CSV data file mining, data mining stock market etc.

Our extra ordinary hard working and dedicated team of data mining professionals' extracts data via web applications such as php extract table data, asp extract data to excel performing data entry for web site. Our web data mining scripts does not need any kind of web data extractor serial of sorts. Website data mining and listing process is performed under ethical and meaningful approaches and development processes.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Mining Services to Loginworks

Loginworks is a leading provider of data mining services to clients from around the world. Some of the major benefits of outsourcing text data mining and web data mining to us include -

Affordable Data Mining Services

We professionally render data mining services with minimum fuss and bill the client based on skill requirements, volume of work, project complexity, etc. to provide top-quality services at affordable rates

Quick Turnaround Time

We have multiple delivery centers around the globe across different time zones which allow us to maintain fast turnaround time without compromising on the quality

Data Security

We sign confidentiality agreements and follow strict data security policies to ensure that the client’s data remains completely safe with us

Streamlined Processes

We follow systematic and highly streamlined text data mining process and web data mining processes to provide the best services to all our clients

Customized Services

We understand that data mining requirements vary from one client to another. So, we provide highly customized data mining services which will precisely cater to client requirements

Skilled & Experienced Data Mining Experts

Outsource web data mining to us and get a team of skilled, trained, and experienced data mining specialists to work on your projects

Industries We Served

We have served a wide range of industries like Travel, Retail, Real Estate, Government, Healthcare, Finance and many more. We have delivered our work in multiple industry verticals over the years and helped businesses in different domains.

Banking & Finance
Health & Fitness
Shopping & E-Commerce
Education & E-Learning
Sports & Recreation
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