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Order Processing

Fulfilling customer orders is as important as the closing the sale. Processing customer orders has to be delivered quickly and efficiently to maintain consumer confidence, to reinforce brand values, to strengthen client relationships and to secure repeat business. For online businesses this is even more important.

We know that efficient order processing increases future sales, reinforces exceptional levels of customer service and directly affects the bottom-line. We completely understand the issues that businesses struggle with when it comes to order processing, including: Increased costs of fulfilment; a lack of focus on sales and marketing; a lack of technology; and, in some cases, inaccuracies and mistakes caused by manual processing techniques.

Why Outsource your Surveys to Loginworks:

  • Our business is supported with a robust infrastructure providing uninterrupted services
  • Service Level Agreement, Non – Disclosure Agreements and Network Security protect client information
  • We provide safe and secure data storage
  • We provide a single solution for businesses looking to outsource order processing. We are able to provide finance and accounting services, outsourced bookkeeping and accounting, payroll processing, taxation and financial research
  • Our processes are robust, flexible and efficient
  • We are focussed on exceeding industry best practice
  • We are completely committed to good governance and business ethics
  • Our staff are certified Business Analysts, Accountants, Project Managers, Customer support executives and IT professionals amongst others

How does it work?

Loginworks take on responsibility for managing your order processing, reducing both costs and time involvement, and also reducing the stress of managing order fulfilment directly. We invest time learning about our client’s business and then develop solutions which meet the needs of each client, as we recognise there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, but all our solutions are focussed on streamlining sales, order and fulfilment processes.

There are many benefits of asking Loginworks to deliver your order processing and fulfilment services:

  • We eliminate the need for you to recruit, train and deploy fulfilment and customer service personnel
  • This leads to improved staff retention with continuous access to our resources to cope with increase and decreased sales and orders. You also don’t have to deal with periods of staff absence.
  • We deliver fast turnaround times
  • You can then focus on the operational functions of sales, marketing and product innovation
  • We estimate that businesses who work with us save, on average, between 30% and 50% of the costs incurred when delivering these services internally.

Our experience is based on extensive work in this sector over a number of years. We have worked with companies around the world, undertaking a variety of outsourced projects. We know that our clients value our reputation and expertise. We also understand the importance of our services to supporting our clients delivering outstanding customer service. To ensure we deliver critically important services to our clients we work in partnership to fully understand our client’s objectives.

Our Mission

provider of unique IT solutions

To provide top-notch web-based applications and business intelligence solutions while consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. We believe in delivering value and that too ‘On Time’ to build a strong relationship based on its performance so that the name Loginworks become synonymous with the “provider of unique IT solutions”.

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