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Credit Card Processing

We feature a variety of forms processing services that cover every possible form available today, including the most obscure and difficult.

Online payments have been around for a number of years, but the advent of Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal for in-store credit card purchases in addition to the traditional ‘card’ has seen a huge increase in the number of electronic transactions and a decrease in cash and cheque payments, with very few retailers accepting cheques for payment. Credit card processing is now a necessity for all business.


The processing of credit cards is a resource-intensive task and, as an experienced service provider, Loginworks is able to provide support to businesses with large volumes of credit card transactions to deal with.


Our data processing background and our highly experienced data processing team understand that each client may have different requirements and support needs. Our services are designed to support prompt and efficient credit card processing services at low cost but with outstanding levels of quality.

How does it work?

Credit card processing is easily outsourced to other firms, and choosing the right service provider means that our clients are free to focus on running their business whilst transactions are managed smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes. Services we provide include:

Credit Card Authorisation

We are able to provide credit card authorization with processes which quickly check if the credit card being used has sufficient funds available for purchases being made

Payment Processing

Our dedicated team of data processing executives ensure that processing is carried out quickly and efficiently

Billing Services

Our team of billing and accounting experts are able to manage credit card billing requirements

Fraud Detection

Using our fraud detection services, we can offer quick, reliable and efficient checks to ensure transactions are genuine and that credit cards are not being used illegally.

Customer Query Resolution

Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to resolve credit card processing queries

Why Outsource your Big Data to Loginworks:

Our credit card processing services are designed to be effective, affordable and efficient. We support this service offering through a number of key activities including:

Investment in the latest technologies and infrastructure

Investment in credit card data security

A focus on continual improvement within our business

Effective quality control processes

ISO compliant processes ensuring compliance with industry guidelines

Consistent support 24/7

Customised solutions to meet the needs of each individual client

We are committed to delivering the highest levels of service to all our clients. Our dedicated credit card processing teams work hard to ensure complete security and service efficiency for our clients. Prices are affordable and we can process thousands of transactions at a time, whilst also responding to customer queries and managing fraud risks.

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