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Forms Processing Services

We feature a variety of forms processing services that cover every possible form available today, including the most obscure and difficult.

We recognise that forms are an essential administrative requirement for all businesses. Under this heading we include invoices, vouchers, insurance paperwork, medical claims, financial paperwork and general record keeping. For some organisations such as financial institutions, legal firms and logistics businesses, record keeping is often even more extensive with hundreds of forms. Our services are also ideal for education institutions, retailers, healthcare providers, military services and research organisations. Improving the processing and storage of all this information can be streamlined through the creation of a network with ample storage, simple retrieval facilities and structured form processing. With our extensive experience in data entry and forms processing we are able to offer a breadth of flexible form processing and data entry services. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations, delivering accurate and reliable services carefully designed to ensure a fully personalised service for each and every client.


Our team has a range of expertise, which combine with our hardware investments to enable us to deliver a range of services including:

Form processing in a range of coding languages including HTML, CGI, ASP, JSP and PHP

Production of data in a range of formats including ASCII and CSV (Comma Delimited)

OCR and ICR technologies to provide lower cost electronic data input

Manual encoding if required or if necessary based on the type of data requiring inputting

Strict and robust data security and confidentiality

A stringent privacy policy conforming with international standards

Platforms which allow data to be downloaded directly from a client’s website

1 Internet connectivity

Hi-tech security measures

A certified systems team ensure that the project is executed efficiently.

Services which are available 24 hours a day, all year round

Our custom solutions provide a powerful forms processing service for clients.

How does it work?

We can process forms in any format, although usually this involves downloading the data form the client site and loading the data into our customised platform, where we then create a new database.  We check the data for accuracy and quality and then produce outputs in the format required by our client.

Our services range from simple online data to detailed and highly customised forms. We can download data securely using VPN and we have interfaces which allow us to update data throughout the life of a project, so we can be working on the data whilst forms are still being completed on the client website or app.

Some examples of the forms we can process:


Advantages of Loginworks Forms Processing Services

Our form processing services are designed to ensure confidentiality and foolproof security through strict privacy policy implementations and by conforming to global standards.

The process involves downloading the forms from client site, loading into customized tool, creating a new dataset, entering the data accurately, performing a quality check and delivering the output in an appropriate format.

We help agencies streamline a secure process of forms with data accuracy and quality.

We offer a spectrum of services from simple, online data update on customized forms, to connecting to the client’s database server securely using Virtual Private Network and updating data through various interfaces.

T1 Internet connectivity with top level security measures and the certified systems team ensure that the project is executed in an excellent manner.

Our services are 24×7 available to organizations across the globe.

The most cost-effective options are provided only by Loginworks Softwares – the top quality service at the budget-friendly costs is a norm at Loginworks Softwares.

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