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Market Research Processing

We feature a variety of forms processing services that cover every possible form available today, including the most obscure and difficult.

Data collection is an essential part of effective market research. Market research will invariably include a range of data from a wide selection of source materials including focus groups, questionnaires, online surveys and scientific testing and data collection.

For non-digital data we can provide processing services to convert this into an electronic format and store this in a usable format ready for data analysis.

Our experience in data analysis also means that we can also offer the data analysis services required to interrogate the information collected through market research activities to convert this into interesting and meaningful data which can be presented as visualisations to share with product development and senior management teams amongst others.

Our market research processing services offer resource-intensive processing which provides excellent results within a quick turnaround time and at low cost prices, ideal for businesses of all sizes.

How does it work?

When we receive your data, and it can be sent in a wide range of formats, we focus on converting this information using the most appropriate methods, including:

Scanning hard copy surveys and questionnaires

Conversion from written to electronic data using OCR processing

Data extraction from web pages, emails, PDFs and a other data sources

Conversion of forms into graphs and charts

Data entry services

Data processing services

In addition, we offer data analysis services and work with our clients to offer customised solutions to meet market research objectives.

Why Outsource your Big Data to Loginworks:

We offer a number of benefits to businesses looking to outsource market research processing, and, as with all our services we work to ensure that we offer a services which feels like a seamless extension to your existing functional teams. In addition to a core philosophy of working as a part of our client’s business, we also offer:

Skilled, highly trained and experienced staff

Investment in the latest IT hardware and software

Complete security and non-disclosure of your confidential data

Cost effective pricing and flexibility to meet client’s budgetary constraints

Results delivered quickly and effectively

High levels of quality control

We are committed to delivering the highest levels of service to all our clients and our ability to take processed market research and analyse it through our other service areas means that we can offer solutions which are deigned to meet the exact needs of our clients, from conversion of data to in-depth data analysis.

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