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Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare and Life Sciences Leadership through Chaotic Times


Absolute Information to the Appropriate people at the Apt time.

Login Works, together with the biggest, well-known healthcare providers and life science companies across countries, to create data and analytics solutions that get the absolute information to the appropriate people at the apt time. Once the complete report is in your hands you can:

Customize experiences for patients as well as providers to boosting satisfaction and adherence.

Curtail cost overruns triggered by countless factors, including the treatment of chronic disease patients, non-emergent ER use, and pricing pressures.

Elevate quality and standards while improving health outcomes by engaging new technologies and health management programs. And increased program participation with targeted campaigns.

Diagnose areas for increased profitability, with well-managed risk, value-based contracting, enhanced analysis of potential new business, and targeted provider, and patient messaging.

Contribute to bringing effective pharmaceuticals, devices, and treatments to market quickly with speed up analysis while using hypothesis testing with the latest techniques.


The Market’s Analytics Leaders Using Intangible Technology and Scale

Most companies offer only pieces needed to push game-changing information, to the appropriate people at the ideal time. Login Works provides the whole package solution.With intangible technology and scale, a process measured in weeks not months, that proves ROI before significant investment. Alongside teams made up of bona fide healthcare and life science veterans. Entrusted by the best brands in the world, our customers have faith in:

Product pushing isn’t our primary focus; our interacting model is based on solving business problems with client partnership and personalized data and analytics solutions crafted from Login Works.

Veterans in Industry and other functional experts with vast first-hand healthcare and life sciences experience. They know how analytics improve a company’s performance.

Login Works services, solutions, and IP to work together with new technology integrating all enterprise data – to structure and apply business-changing analysis.

With scalability and quick predictions, to prevent, and to avoid potential issues before they arise.


Chief Level Healthcare and Life Sciences Experience

Our advising brain trust comprises of industry experts with extensive business, analytic, and technical experience, including senior executives in premier Healthcare and Life Sciences companies. The industry better known to these people, having dealt with the largest & best in the game.


Unveil New, More Advanced Insights

The biggest hurdle, all Healthcare and Life Science companies facing is the volume of data and data sources, and the silos within an organization.

Login works engages your data, and reviles 360-degree views of your patients, providers, networks, employees, and vendors. That integrated view, combined with analytic capability, and agility at scale gives you the structural focus to suppress competition. To make your analytics deliver sizeable business value we:

Integrate and analyze all data—research, clinical, epidemiology, managed markets, sales and marketing, supply chain—and apply the appropriate technology-agnostic mix to reveal business insights.

Exploiting multi-genre analytics to develop a seamless Client Journey that improves patient engagement. Also predicts and prevents customer dissatisfaction — all while growing revenue and market share.

Provide an analytic approach that promotes easily accessible data from a variety of sources. Reusing date for measuring clinical efficacy, predictive modeling, and identification of chronic conditions.


Effectiveness and Potency are the Roots of Our Technology

Evidence Analytics

An integrated analytical environment, leveraging the combined use of optimized solutions for interrogating structured and multi-structured data as well as the high-performance data-staging solution, and high-throughput tools.

Client Journey

Delivering relevant, customized experiences in real-time. With the ability to influence customers’ journeys and align it with the desired business outcomes. Building solutions that promote and sustain complexity and scale for the present and future.

Data Lab

Identifying new trends and insight, combining them with new and existing data to create or react to immediate business.

Client Interaction

Taking an integrated, enterprising approach to planning, developing. Along with the management of customer communications across a wide variety of channels, product lines, and business locations.

Real-Time Interaction

Using a self-learning engine to power marketing. With the ability to send the directives and offers, along with cross-selling and upselling in real time.

Analytics Consulting Services

With both Business and technical users, uncovering insights from your entire data library.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Giving organizations the capacity to collect data from multiple devices. Along with systems then securely allocate information to various data management platforms.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Mode

Login works Healthcare, and Life Sciences Data Mode takes the customer and counterparty information to generate shared understanding across all business functions.


Brands benefiting from Big Data & Analytics


Apollo Hospital, an India Chain of Healthcare Hubs introduced back in the year 1983 by Dr. Reddy has been first in entering the race of “merge of Healthcare and Digital Technologies.” Recently, the chain of private hospitals, Apollo announced to be on-track of utilizing Big Data Analytics approach for the purposes of Disease prediction and rooting operational Excellence within its clinics around the country. This is not the first time for Apollo to take such initiative via the use of Algorithm and Big Data analytics; however, prior to this, Apollo had predicted Cardiac diseases and further, progressed to seek its cure. All this had become possible through prediction Analytics. Apart from this, Apollo in the past had also focused its Big Data Analytics approach in neuroscience arenas of Healthcare along with oncology for the purpose of Infection control. Currently, Apollo takes hold of a medical record of 4 million patients belonging to different locations in India and other countries, and categorize-able on the basis of other aspects. All the predictive modules till today revolve around the Big Data Analytics’ outcomes of this recorded Data. From predictive and controlling infection risks to cardiac Disease detection and prevention, Apollo has availed itself with Healthcare Intelligence. Alongside, the Healthcare Brand Apollo has converged its Big Data Analytics approach and healthcare intelligence to improve the efficiency level of operations within the Apollo Hospitals. Hence, Predictive analytics on the subject of diagnostic tests, diagnosis time, equipment quality, service level, engineering service & management and other patterns in association with the Hospital’s operation stays necessary. For Apollo, Big Data Analytics is not just a technical approach, it is a pathway to medically facilitate and Fit India!


Fortis Healthcare Limited holds its headquarters in India. In India, Fortis has taken control of prominence over the Healthcare Delivery Services through its India Branch in Chennai named Fortis Malar Hospital. In the year 2016, various studies implied the fact that Fortis is the first ever private Healthcare Chain in India monitoring (analyzing) and gathering Healthcare Data outcomes for the enhancement in procedures in relation to Cardiology in association with International Consortium for Healthcare Outcome Management. Fortis heads mentioned that the respective step of implying Big Data Analytics revolves around the motive of empowering patients through directly improving the quality of service along with the capabilities of the patients to reach the needful healthcare service in time. Comparative Analysis of Fortis states about the deduction of post-neurological strokes, vascular complications, vessel occlusion and rental failures to zilch in consequences of actions taken against predictive analytics. The primary benefit delivered to Fortis through giving away the data outcome to patients is patient satisfaction and ensured of safety. Apart from benefits on the parts of Fortis patients, Fortis received benchmarking abilities in order to improve the healthcare service level to upgrade. Becoming translucent to its Patients, Fortis has given the individual to make an absolute decision and thus, today it holds the status of one of the best Hospitals around the world. The heads of Fortis claims that it had taken around 2-3 years to Fortis for containing or collecting the significant Big Data for the process of Predictive Analytics, however, the advantages that Fortis is enjoying are worth a shot!

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