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Healthcare Solutions

Any Healthcare partner will never know what’s coming next in the context of Healthcare and provisions until or unless it has access to right healthcare insights. Loginworks opens the pathway to such utilizable insights through its conclusive Healthcare Solutions. Be it sales territories or staff operations, with Loginworks Big Data Analytics every aspect fit to absolute prediction and assists in making an absolute decision.

What do we do?

Territory Management

“The focused territory is quite equivalent to improved sales and operations of staff.” On the contrary, the Territory requires management because even the internal environment of healthcare firms keeps changing. Hence, through CRM Data (Customer Relationship Management), Loginworks Softwares help in dealing with the constant scheming and assessment of all the territories. This results in enhanced productivity of Sales and variation of operational cost in addition. It is one of the proved methodologies with Loginworks.

Healthcare Factor Analysis

Big Data Analytics of the factors in relation to Healthcare is called Healthcare factor Analysis. Indeed, there could be numerous of social and environmental factors that impact the trends in the healthcare industry, and further, can crowd the healthcare firm with Business if it holds the right insights to these factors at the right time. Loginworks Softwares is the source of the right healthcare insights.

Performance Management

Healthcare may be a small term, however, goes complex when performance insights come into view. Loginworks Softwares aids making these performance insights less surprising but actionable by progressing performance management. Performance Management brings all the positives and negatives of human resource, sales, and others’ performances to vision. A translucent performance map leads to secure actions.

Site Planning

Location Intelligence is quite a task that a healthcare firm cannot handle alone. In noteworthy of mentioning, deciding upon a site which can bring maximum value to the table requires a precise set of insights. Loginworks Softwares make this decision making effortless via bringing socioeconomic and demographic data for Big Data Analytics and unlock utilizable insights.

What are the boons delivered to Healthcare Hubs in the form of Healthcare Solutions?

Loginworks Softwares Healthcare Solutions help the initiative of Scalable and Start-Up healthcare to serve the patients with best medicinal and operable treatments along with effortless modes to connect with them. Alongside, Benefits delivery on the parts of the respective Healthcare Brand utilizing Big Data Analytics includes—

  • Cost Reduction 
  • Prior Diseases Alert 
  • Advanced level of Care
  • Admission Rates Forecast 
  • Informed Decision making 
  • Quick Responding to Issues 
  • Discovering Cure to Diseases 
  • Timely New Staff Allocation 
  • Staff Performance Examining 
  • Patient Care at advanced Level 
  • Improved Operational Efficiency 
  • Eliminate Hospital tools over-stocking 
  • Optimized Utilization of Healthcare Investment 
  • Enhanced Classification of Patients (to figure out At-Risk Factor) 
  • Effortless Access to Information (medical records of Patients) 
  • Advanced level of Convenience via Alert and Intervention in the context of Patient’s Vital

How does Healthcare Big Data work for the empowerment of our Healthcare clientele?

Individual Healthcare Needs

To grant quick Access to the healthcare needful of Individuals belonging to specific age group, gender, locality, and so on, along with special health care needs of individual comprising in physical, developmental, cognitive, behavioural, sensory and emotional impairment. 

Increased Productivity

Productivity increment through improved operational activities within the clientele’s healthcare Hub. Consistent development of Healthcare management strategies reviewing the predictive analytics based on staff performance Data.

Energy Cost Reduction

Pin-pointing Healthcare Hub’s arena where usage of Energy goes quite unreasonable through internal Big Data and relevance grounds for the use of Energy via on-mission, round-o-clock monitoring healthcare solution.

Disease Risk Detection

Classification of the audience on the basis of health conditions taking hold of the high-risk medical condition. Predictive analytics arranged on the subject of people, their medical conditions and geography (their locations) grant access to disease risk.

Facility Performance

To Provide Authorization to Healthcare facility manager to check-up on performance reports based on power monitoring through fluent healthcare solution. The up sliding facility performance leads to safety & satisfaction of the patient.

Equipment Diagnostic

To track equipment performance issues, timely replacement or supply of needful equipments and real-time Equipment Analytics for eliminating the risk of barriers in on-going operations within the Hospitals.

Brands Benefiting from Big Data and Data Analytics

Apollo Hospital, an India Chain of Healthcare Hubs introduced back in the year 1983 by Dr. Reddy has been first in entering the race of “merge of Healthcare and Digital Technologies.” Recently, the chain of private hospitals, Apollo announced to be on-track of utilizing Big Data Analytics approach for the purposes of Disease prediction and rooting operational Excellence within its clinics around the country.  

This is not the first time for Apollo to take such initiative via the use of Algorithm and Big Data analytics; however, prior to this, Apollo had predicted Cardiac diseases and further, progressed to seek its cure. All this had become possible through prediction Analytics. Apart from this, Apollo in the past had also focused its Big Data Analytics approach in neuroscience arenas of Healthcare along with oncology for the purpose of Infection control. 

Currently, Apollo takes hold of a medical record of 4 million patients belonging to different locations in India and other countries, and categorize-able on the basis of other aspects. All the predictive modules till today revolve around the Big Data Analytics’ outcomes of this recorded Data. From predictive and controlling infection risks to cardiac Disease detection and prevention, Apollo has availed itself with Healthcare Intelligence. 

Alongside, the Healthcare Brand Apollo has converged its Big Data Analytics approach and healthcare intelligence to improve the efficiency level of operations within the Apollo Hospitals. Hence, Predictive analytics on the subject of diagnostic tests, diagnosis time, equipment quality, service level, engineering service & management and other patterns in association with the Hospital’s operation stays necessary. For Apollo, Big Data Analytics is not just a technical approach, it is a pathway to medically facilitate and Fit India! 

Fortis Healthcare Limited holds its headquarters in India. In India, Fortis has taken control of prominence over the Healthcare Delivery Services through its India Branch in Chennai named Fortis Malar Hospital. In the year 2016, various studies implied the fact that Fortis is the first ever private Healthcare Chain in India monitoring (analyzing) and gathering Healthcare Data outcomes for the enhancement in procedures in relation to Cardiology in association with International Consortium for Healthcare Outcome Management. 

Fortis heads mentioned that the respective step of implying Big Data Analytics revolves around the motive of empowering patients through directly improving the quality of service along with the capabilities of the patients to reach the needful healthcare service in time. Comparative Analysis of Fortis states about the deduction of post-neurological strokes, vascular complications, vessel occlusion and rental failures to zilch in consequences of actions taken against predictive analytics. The primary benefit delivered to Fortis through giving away the data outcome to patients is patient satisfaction and ensured of safety. 

Apart from benefits on the parts of Fortis patients, Fortis received benchmarking abilities in order to improve the healthcare service level to upgrade. Becoming translucent to its Patients, Fortis has given the individual to make an absolute decision and thus, today it holds the status of one of the best Hospitals around the world. The heads of Fortis claims that it had taken around 2-3 years to Fortis for containing or collecting the significant Big Data for the process of Predictive Analytics, however, the advantages that Fortis is enjoying are worth a shot!

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