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Get started building apps with Ionic, and lay a foundation for more advanced development.

What do we do?

IONIC Consulting

Our team promises to stand above the expectation of clients in the context of its growth target. Thus, we pin-point on the primary needful of clients and keep focus parallel to the needs and fulfilment of needs throughout the IONIC App development process.

Project Research & Strategy Development

Our Team of IONIC Developers are skilled at progressing in-depth research on the clientele project and look-out for a strategy that will lead to delivery of ROI at maximum. We prefer not picking any sudden cross-platform development strategy to kick-start on the respective project, on the contrary, our team works on the development of brand-new strategy each time to explore the positive outcomes.

IONIC Framework Application Design

Application designers and developers at Loginworks ensure the UI Excellence through HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, CSS and Jquery Technologies. We ensure IONIC App design with exceptional functionality & cross-platforms compatibility level.

IONIC Application Development

Final development of Application of clientele’s Business using IONIC Designed framework. We deliver on-time with native excellence and performing abilities. Loginworks also processes deployment of IONIC Application for testing and error reporting.

Round-o-clock Support & Maintenance

Our Journey of IONIC App Development with our valued clientele does not end at the stage of app delivery. We tend to support, supervise and maintain the App performance round-o-clock. This action leads to excessive growth in user-satisfaction and ROI.

IONIC Upgrade & Migration

Loginworks updates application-in-handling from time-to-time as per the changing tech environment and need of the users. Alongside, we also process IONIC Migration for the transformation of any dependent framework holding Application to IONIC Framework for independency mode.

What Industries of Business Loginworks serves to?




Travel & Tourism


Health & Fitness

Social Networking

Food & Beverages

Banking & Finance

Sports & Recreation

Education & E-Learning

Media & Entertainment

Shopping & E-commerce

Why does Loginworks IONIC App Development Service stand exceptional in Global IT Run?

Free & Open Source

When it comes to the independency of an app to function on a variety of operating systems, clientele back-step because of the extra investment to make, with Loginworks, all the additional investment is eliminated. The Ionic framework is open-sourced and thus, neither clientele nor its users need to invest “extra.” It is a win-win!

Skilled IONIC Developers

Loginworks is a team of highly-experienced IONIC Developers with outstanding instincts of innovation and creativity. Along with developing capabilities, our developers hold exquisite respect towards commitments made in the context of quality, versatility and flexibility of UI/UX Design for clientele’s requested an IONIC application.

Deliver Bug-Freeze Apps

Decades of experience in App development, Loginworks has managed to deliver Bug-Freeze application to deliver beyond the expected functionality level, smooth User-Interface, and timely responding application along with gesture abilities.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Loginworks’ IONIC Mobility Solutions are cost-effective. The clientele is free to choose the team of developer based on full-time, part-time or hourly based to match its budget timeline and avoid negative flex of decision.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Tech Intellect Growth

With the entrance of new technologies in the marketplace of operating systems, Loginworks acknowledge its team of developers to the similar and intellect them with the precise training, further, the modification of IONIC application in-management with Loginworks progress.

High proficiency level maintenance

Loginworks IONIC Developers hold proficient knowledge, tech-skills, and strategising excellence to maintain a high level of competency in the marketplace and among the clientele’s competitors in addition. We are the leaders!

Assured ROI deliverability

Return on Investment stays one of the major concerns of IONIC App development service takers these days. Indeed, Loginworks post-assures the deliverability of 10 times profit against the clientele’s investment. Our experience speaks “sometimes it’s more than 10!”

Driven Client Assistant tech

Loginworks is round-o-clock ready to satisfy clients in the context of development and functionality of Application We do not lack the ability to resolve any issue due to tech-support or drive client satisfaction because at Loginworks “tech” is a plus across the IT Industry.<br />

Client Testimonials

“We trend with the assistance of Loginworks” It was quite a dream for my e-commerce platform to trend at the local marketplace. With the assistance of Loginworks development team and its hard work, finally, my online store has become one of the highly customer-reach stores in the local market. This small victory accredited to the IONIC E-commerce app development service by Loginworks. Thank you, I am assured to similar success experience in the times to come!
Elon Brin
“Our Brand-New IT experience with Loginworks IONIC Re-development.” Before linking with Loginworks, my company held an IONIC app as a mobility solution for our customers; however, the App had been troubling with the ability to function on a variety of platforms. This experience had reduced our hopes of overcoming sales targets. In noteworthy of mentioning, Loginworks developers re-developed my company’s IONIC Mobility Solution and fortunately, we have managed to recover all the lost sales in past 3 months since ever driving as per Loginworks approach. I am thankful to the dedicated team and the company’s excellence.
Jeff Ellison

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