Monitor and manage server on the Go! It alerts you when something goes wrong with your server while keeping an eye on the server statistics. Sending commands to your server through Smartphone or Tablet can also be managed through this application.

LogInNode is a powerful and versatile Android based Mobile Application which remotely monitors and manages your Windows Servers securely from any Android Smartphone or Tablet. One can monitor real time Server performance in the form of Texts and Graphs with just a click on your Smartphone screen.

You can also enjoy the real Command Interface on your Android Smartphone or Tablet to have a control of your Windows Server. LogInNode dramatically reduces the level of manual checks for support engineers and provides them with a real time status of their monitored systems. Giving you prior information about any potential issues affecting your systems can help them immediately by sending commands using the Powerful Command Interface feature of LogInNode.

The Challenges

There are many third party solutions available for monitoring servers remotely, but all the good ones come with a pricing model, one-time payment option or on subscription based. The ones which are freely available, either provide a limited functionality or don’t have a dedicated support team, in case any assistance is required.


The Solution

We are an IT company and we were also facing similar issues of overhead costing for monitoring the servers. In order to tackle such issues, we decided to come up with a solution that would not only help us but eventually every other IT company too. Hence, the “LoginNode” was created.

After the development of this app, we are able to monitor our servers anytime and from anywhere. Although, good things just don’t end over here! This app is loaded with an alert mechanism that informs User if there’s a problem with the server. The built up of a command line interface is there directly into the app so that you can directly interact with the server without actually being present there. A support team for our customers is always there, in case any additional help is required.


Collaboration and Communication

AppOnLease was developed by a dedicated team of experienced developers using Agile Methodology. Project collaboration was done using TaskTrek. Emails, TeamViewer and Skype served as the major routes of communication during the project development.

Technology Stack

LoginNode is a collection of two applications including a Mobile App and a Desktop App. This mobile app is a Native Android based Application developed using JAVA and Android Studio. LoginNode Desktop App is built using DOT NET and Socket Programming.


  • Reduced overhead cost of third party monitoring services.
  • Improved and Real time Server monitoring.
  • Saves time as it reduces the manual labor of going through all graphs and reports individually to find the issue with the implementation of an alert mechanism.

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