Server monitoring and management is an essential aspect and forms the core of delivering top notch user experience on websites. Efficient functioning of any website or application, especially when it is being used by a large number of people depends a lot on the efficiency and effectiveness of the underlying server.

While there are plenty of tools and resources to manage the servers, there are very few which allow effective and reliable remote control and that too from your android smartphone.

LogInNode is one such powerful and versatile Android Mobile Application to remotely Monitor and Manage Windows Servers securely from any Android Smartphone or Tablet.

The application was launched this year by Loginworks Softwares and is designed to meet the challenges related to server (s) monitoring and management for quick action. Loginworks Softwares, is a software development & data mining company, started in the year 2006.

The company’s core services are data mining, mobile application development and enterprise solutions and is known for its flagship brand, TaskTrek which received many accolades and awards as an office communication management tool.

LogInNode is the latest offering by the company. LogInNode helps to Monitor and Manage Server on the Go. It helps in monitoring the real time performance of the server in a very interactive graph and see the uses of CPU, Disk and RAM right from any Android Smartphone or Tablet. LogInNode’s command interface is just like a real PC which allows to send commands to your server right from your smartphone or tablet and all this on the go.

Not only this, LogInNode goes a step further and also helps to manage and monitor IIS (Internet Information Services), Firewall and Services running the on the server right from any Android smartphone/tablet from anywhere anytime.

LogInNode dramatically reduces the level of manual checks for support engineers and provides them with a real time status of their monitored systems. It lets you know about any potential issues affecting your systems and allows you to resolve those issues immediately by sending commands using the Powerful Command Interface feature of LogInNode.

Getting Started With LogInNode

It is very easy to setup LogInNode Android Mobile application and start monitoring and managing server from an Android smartphone or tablet. Follow these simple steps to install LogInNode Mobile App on your smartphone/tablet and connect with your servers to monitor and manage them:

  • Download the LogInNode App on your Android Smartphone or Tablet from Google Play Store or using the Download button on the website. Once you download the LogInNode App on your Smartphone or Tablet, enter your email address to receive the Client Software for your Server.
  • After entering the email address, click on the “Send” button when you will see the next Add Server screen. Now, you just need to add your server details like : ServerName Server IP address Server Port number and Server KeysOnce you enter the above information you are ready to Connect with your server anywhere using LogInNode.
  • After adding the server information, install the Client version on your Server which you can download by clicking on the URL received on email (subject with loginnode) OR one can directly download the Client Software by clicking on the “Download Client for Server” button on the LogInNode website. And you are ready to use LogInNode to monitor and manage your servers.
log in node

Inside The App

The application is equipped with important features both from practical and interface point of view.

Graphs are used for representations, so that it’s easy to interpret data in a jiffy, and monitor multiple servers and multiple server issues in one glance. LogInNode has several characteristics that make is distinct from the similar kind of apps available on different app stores:

1) Monitor the real time status of the following:

  • CPU usage and usage history graph
  • Current available memory and usage history graph
  • The status and uptime of all systems
  • Status of local hard disks
  • Physical disks read/write speed
Log In Node

2) Powerful Command line Interface on your Smartphone allowing you to:

  • Ping the server and know its availability
  • Shutdown or Restart your Windows server
  • Add, Edit and Execute batch files using your smartphone
  • Experience the real time Command Interface as your Server
  • Send any kind of commands from your smartphone
  • Receive the command result on your Smartphone screen

3) Monitor and Control IIS (Internet Information Services) by following actions:

  • On or Off the entire IIS manager
  • View the list of running websites
  • Stop or Start websites using your phone
  • Start/Stop or Recycle the Application Pool and many more.
internet information services

4) Monitor the real time Firewall performance​right on your Smartphone screen from where you can Start or Stop Firewalls and Start or Stop the Firewall inbound or outbound rules.

5) Monitor all running services on your phone screen​and Stop or Start the services using your phone.


The powerpacked combination of all the above services in one application makes LogInNode a one stop solution for complete monitoring and management of servers which is way ahead of the similar products or services in the market.

In addition to the above free services, LogInNode also provides various paid customization and value-addition options to hosting companies, resellers and IT divisions. It provides services such as:

  • Full customisation of the application as per corporate colours and needs.
  • Customise it with added feature or extensions of our current features to suit their backend like WHM / cPanel or any other backend that your clients use.
  • Ability for their clients to additional order hosting packages for your hosting company.
  • Integrate notifications / alerts on services they expect from this application to deliver
  • Build on the application to advance level features for them and their clients
  • Develop a new mobile application for them

The only possible drawback — which could turn out to be a major one — is the fact that LogInNode doesn’t support cluster server management. It provides data for individual server at a time, however one can add multiple servers to monitor and manage using LogInNode.

Developers however tell me, that they will soon be embedding the same — which would also put them in direct competition against some big wigs like Google, Amazon and others — all whom offer apps for managing server clusters.

It runs efficiently on Android version 2 and newer while the server client need Windows server (2003 or higher.) LoginNode works in a real time environment and provides Real Time data to Monitor and it doesn’t store data. It works on the local device and deploy batch files directly from the server and show the real time data.

The Road Ahead

LogInNode does look like an extremely impressive and helpful tool and it is just the beginning for it having being launched only a few months ago. They have not raised any funds so far in the development of app. In the coming few months, LogInNote will also be available as iOS app after which they will soon be venturing further into the market.


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