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Data Security and Privacy Protection

The Company follows the framework of ISO- 27001 for Information Security, Data Protection and Privacy, in-line with global best practices covering the following and not limited to key points captured here.

Data Security and Confidentiality

1.Client can upload their data for analytics to Company’s secured server or cloud storages in USA. Clients can be allocated dedicated secured server space or in the cloud with restricted login ID and password. We also have processes to work remotely on client’s servers using secured VPN access.

2.Information/ data sharing within the research and analytics team are strictly on "need to know" basis for business purpose only. No client data is shared with any third party, any unauthorized personnel or used for any commercial purpose.

Access Policies

1.Facilities have restricted access to authorized personnel.

2.The Company's network is enabled with security systems to detect any unusual activity.

3.Disaster recovery/back-up systems in cloud storage.

4.Desktop computers require authentication for access.

5.No access to public email except for work related research.


1.Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are signed between the Company and clients. Client data is kept fully secured and handled following the laws and best practices.

2.All team members are covered under NDA guidelines and policy of the Company. Employees are trained on compliance, confidentiality and privacy protection.

Confidentiality of client’s data and privacy protection is ensured through access policies, strict compliance, training and a secured work environment. All client data is stored in secured servers and is returned or destroyed after completion of the research, analytics and other services for the client under the agreement. The Company has rights to update, modify the terms of use, policies and guidelines without any notice. For any further details please write to: