Movic – Upcoming Movies



Get access to the newsfeed of all the worldwide upcoming and in-theaters movies in just one application. One can watch Trailers, provide User Ratings & can write Reviews through the use of this application.

Apart from browsing Movies, one can also know about the current movies running In Theatres. The Releasing Date and Official Trailers of all the upcoming movies can be accessed easily with just the download of this app. It also allows the Users to contribute their thoughts through the real time comment section. The knowledge about the popularity of any particular movie can be gained easily with its associated likes.

The Challenges

TMDB is an open source website with no official application or responsive website. Many companies generally rely on the use of TMDB API interface, but it was not our cup of tea. We were actually looking for a user-friendly application with better intuitive, UX and functionality.


The Solution

In order to find a root solution to this trending issue, we decided to come up with an application that can provide better intuitive for Users while using this application. With the development of our Movic application, watching in-theaters movies, getting information about its releasing date and watching trailers of upcoming movies was turned into an easy task. The User has also been provided with the ease of applying a simple filter for watching movies country wise along with the option of sharing their feedback in the comment section for the same.


Collaboration and Communication

Movic was developed by a dedicated team of experienced developers using Agile Methodology. Project collaboration was done using TaskTrek. Emails, TeamViewer and Skype served as the major routes of communication during the project development.

Technology Stack

Movic has been developed using Firebase & Ionic 2 frameworks. It is supported on both platforms including iOS and Android. It is basically designed for the love for server less architecture. Angular 2 and Type-Scripting Programming enriches the quality of this app. Movie data is powered by TMDB API.


  • Improved searches on the Mobile platform: The interface allows browsing the movies in an easier manner the on mobile platform.
  • Improved movie details view: Mobile interface provides just the right amount of details for a quick view of everything about movies including the trailer, release dates, reviews etc.
  • Upcoming movies list can be filtered as per the Country: Within the application, the User can find movies arranged as per country wise.
  • Real time commenting: Users can write reviews on movies and that will be in real time.

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