eBay Store Scraping Service


e-Commerce has sprouted as the arterial channel of commerce in the age of clicks and tabs. Among the countless platforms that have popped open with the passage of time and furtherance of technology, eBay is a significant landmark. Collecting buyers and sellers in hordes on a common hotbed of trade and commerce, eBay has enjoyed great success in celebrating modern day retailing while its members enjoy snowball shares with it.

Loginworks Softwares, one of the prime resource centers in the present market of data mining has brought to the eBay users a host of data mining service to make competition less than a struggle against cessation in the eBay arena.

Serious eBayers have recently taken to resorting to data mining from data mining service companies as a way of gathering invaluable data on:

  • Product data
    • Product description
    • Product availability
    • Product image
    • Product reviews
    • Product price
    • Product line
    • Categories and variety
  • Price comparison data
  • Customer demographics
  • Strategic intelligences of rival sellers
  • Seller and buyer profiles
  • Ads run on the site

Our data miners and analysts draw out business intelligences from trusted sources in their exact forms. We attach great importance to data delivery in their very most perfect condition. Thus, we take to gathering data and scraping information from web pages with relevance to your businesses. Supplying data for a predictive analysis is one of the motifs we work to end.

We build our own custom applications that crawl and dig out data from chosen points of relevance. The raw unstructured data we then convert into a structured and readable form before delivering them to our clients. Following the same process in which a browser requests data from a website during a search, we derive data from eBay.

Our applications work to simulate the modus operandi of browser viewing.


  • Word
  • Excel
  • MySQL
  • Database
  • Txt.
  • CSV
  • XML
  • HTML and more.

We focus stubbornly on mapping our data extracts on accuracy so that decision-making for our client companies get more surefire through sound data mining techniques. Data that we send our clients is latest and fast.


Our services are directed towards improving the sales ratio of your profile on eBay. We gather data in accordance with that objective so that fast result ensues your decision making and change implementations. We can rely on us fully or accuracy and authenticity of intelligence

For one of our clients, we are sending more than 3 Million records monthly.

Data that we extract for our clients are picked selectively from their chosen sources and the conversion from unstructured to structured format is done within the bare-minimum time frame. Our prices are competitive as compared to other methods of getting similar data.

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