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Bid Now

With the use of BidNow application, one can bid, buy and save money whenever and wherever they wish to. It serves as a decent auction platform which offers you with unique items from the sellers located worldwide. This auction application announce the winner on the basis of the most unique bid posted. This platform allows the bid to be in two ways, that is, manually and auto.


Mobile & Web

What We Did

Design, Development and Testing

Technologies Used

Android, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Allows the user to bid minimum or maximum, based on their choice, thus releasing them from any kind of biding boundaries.

Involves an easy profile creation and then you are allowed to bid on any product you want.

Choice to opt for auto or manual bid, based on your preference.

Searching for products, brands and more is made easy over here because of its well-arranged system.

Involvement of a Super Admin or Sub Admin who will be responsible for managing the entire operation.

Privilege to buy more bids to continue your biding sessions without any disruption.

Includes 'Auto Bid' option that bids on your behalf and continues to work even when you sign out.

A view to win and lose bids is available for on-hand user knowledge.

Displays 'Account Balance Section' which shows user's bid balance, categorized further into three sections including All Bids, Returnable Bids and Non-Returnable Bids.

Winner is decided on unique bid posted.

Client Ratings

It was a pleasure working with Loginworks. They are professional and knows exactly what their clients want. They are highly efficient and responsible towards their job. I would highly recommend them for proper coding needs!


User Interface

Eye-pleasing UI for the display of functionality in an arranged manner.

Easy Navigation process from one detailed screen to another.

Our Efforts

Days Development
Team Members
Hours Quality Testing

Screen Shots with its features:

User can search for products, brands and more.

List of products in auction can be viewed here.

Easy navigation to any of the screens such as joined, wish list, finished and notification.

Timer (time left for the auction) for each product is listed over here for easy processing.

The list of new bid joiners can be accessed easily over this screen.

A classified view of all the users who have bid manually and on auto basis is listed systematically over here.

Easy navigation to any of the screens such as joined, wish list, finished and notification.

User can view his/her wish list in two sections i.e. watched or finished.

Can navigate to the “watched screen” by tapping on “watched” to view the list of finished and running bid.

An arranged list of won and lose bids is accessible easily for the user over this screen.

The view to all the finished bids can be prospected with just a click on “all” option.

The view to all the won bids can be accessed with just a click on “won” option.

The view to all the lose bids can be viewed with just a click on “Not won” option.


User can view his/her own profile picture.

The option of changing your profile picture can be accessed here.

A complete scenario of the user's account balance including all bids, non-refundable bids and refundable bids is listed on this screen.

The option of buying more bids can be prospected here with just a click.

User can go to setting page by tapping on “setting” option on this page and can make required changes to his/her account.

Customer Speak

Loginworks is an exceptionally committed organization to quality. We have found our true partner for business innovation in them. Web and mobile Apps development services from Loginworks are the best in the class. They are at the leading edge of technology supported by an expert team. Technical support from Loginworks is a big driver for our business challenges. We completely trust them for any application development requirement we have.

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