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Estock - Gifts

A online crypto card gifting platform

Know how Loginworks revolutionized gifting

Gifting is an art. We all have heard of this phrase earlier. But do you know that today gifting has changed completely. A lot has changed about what you can gift to how you can gift, everything has become very digital. An example to such a revolution is online gifting platform estockgifts.

Estockgifts is an online platform to buy, sell and transfer gift cards and crypto cards. The users can buy, sell and transfer fractional stocks. This a highly advanced platform where you can sell crypto currency.

Buying, selling and transferring of crypto currency is totally based on the current price. Crypto currency is very much in trend. Many people are investing in this option.

Loginworks created a fantastic online crypto card gifting platform Check out what all it can do –

Buy, sell and transfer crypto cards & marketing flyers

The platform has an option to create and send gift & crypto cards to anyone they want.

The system supports buying a gift card of any value and the recipient can redeem the card as such or they can invest that in crypto currency of their choice.

The system supports three types of crypto currencies – Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum.

The recipient can redeem the crypto card later when they want.

The recipients of the gift cards can redeem them and withdraw money using cheque or PayPal.

The platform supports not just buying & selling of crypto cards. The recipient of the crypto card can transfer it to a third person, i.e. a new recipient. This recipient again has an option to redeem it as such or invest in crypto currency.

The recipients of the gift cards can redeem them and withdraw money using cheque or PayPal.

Users can create both single gift cards and bulk gift cards. Bulk gift cards can be for corporate gifting, parties or bulk gifting.

Users can also create their own marketing flyers with a unique redeem code.

Check history, price and other details

Users can see the details of cards under My Cards section. The system also allows tracking the status of gift cards created, sent, amount, shipping status, expiry date, etc.

The dashboard has a facility to track the current position of crypto currency, high & low and supply details.

The platform also provides monitoring of crypto currency rates over a period say 1month, 3 months, 6month and YTD.

Furthermore, an API implemented on user dashboard enables to check the current price of crypto currencies.

Users can buy, sell and trade crypto currency with easy with these features and can also update the current price for crypto currency.

The dynamic dashboard provided on this platform helps the user to check the data regarding all the transactions and orders. Complete details in terms of amount spend etc can be viewed here.

Profile details, document upload and support

Admin can also view the profile of the user here.

This platform also has a feature to upload KYC documents. Admin can approve or reject the documents at its end.

The portal also supports a feature for users to get help from support staff if required.

Social media integration, twilio login and payment gateway

Social media integration to connect with the company.

We implemented Twilio for login and sign up through OTP received on phone and email.

Payment gateway integrated using stripe and PayPal.

The technology behind this fantastic platform

Estockgifts; an online platform for buying & selling and transferring gifts card and crypto gift cards is developed using Angular 6 and Laravel.

MySQL used for the database.

The project successfully commenced with automatic deployment of Angular code on cloud ways.

Additionally, for ease of transactions API integration was created to handle the transactions smoothly and the current price of the stocks.

The amazing team behind the platform

The brilliant brains behind the creation of this online portal consisted of –


PHP Developer


UI Developer


IOS Developer

Shashank Tyagi

Super Creative Designer

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