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An App for the reading community of the future

An engaging reading platform for students, teachers and parents

Overcoming Challenges

The customer was happy with the success of its first application, which was an online book purchasing portal. However, being a progressive organization, they believe in upgrading themselves as per the changing requirement of the market. Hence, they decided to present a more advanced solution to its customers. And that is how Readsfeed Web and Mobile App came into existence.

Customer’s Story

We approached Loginworks team again, because we were very happy with the accomplishment of our first project with them.
We already had an online book ordering platform running successfully, but we were planning to expand our reach to the market with a hybrid offering of both online reading subscription along with a feature to order physical books as well and this is what sowed the seeds of Readsfeed.

Customer’s requirement

When Loginworks team met the Readsfeed team, they told us that their objective is to launch an online reading app, which will be the most popular magazine reading app amongst students, schools and parent fraternity.
They told us that with the launch of this app they plan to expand their business into online reading space from being just an online book ordering portal. With the introduction Readsfeed they wanted to increase interest in the level of reading amongst students. Additionally, they also wanted to ensure that parents and teachers should have full control over what the kids are reading.
Furthermore, their primary requirement was they wanted us to create a UI which is very easy to use for students between grade 5 to grade 12. Since the target users for this portal were students along with the teachers and the parents, it was absolutely essential to guarantee that the app is easy to navigate by students and also ignites interest in reading on this portal.

What Loginworks created

The primary focus of this project was making an easy to navigate, engaging and fun portal that students would like to visit on daily basis. Additionally, it is utmost important to keep a check on the content being published on this portal. The client was offered following features to have everything under control with a fantastic user experience.

A provision to apply restrictions for inappropriate and abusive content.

A provision to apply restrictions for inappropriate and abusive content.

The portal has a three-tier referral architecture with a referral benefit feature.

Multiple themes available, readers can pick their choice of theme.4 themes are provided to choose from.

Students can also take part in the surveys and contests announced on the portal.

Users can use the reward points earned from the contests to redeem various gifts.

Users can also create and join events on the portal.

Users can easily update their user profiles and check their subscription status.

With a payment gateway in place, users can take a new subscription or renew or upgrade their existing subscriptions.

With an activity check section, parents and teachers can easily keep a tab on what the activity trail of the kids.

A live chat option is available for its users.

Behind the curtains

With Access Management feature, super admin can provide different roles to Sub Admin and Resellers.

Categorization is possible for user management.

Notifications are available for inactive users.

Admin can update the data for front-end users from the backend.

Posts can be scheduled to publish at a specific time using a scheduler.

Content like surveys, contest etc can be displayed on the front end with a dynamic display.

The portal supports API integration.

Tying it all together to make the best

We created a user-friendly app with a super engaging user interface. Using a mix of the technology stack, the project was spearheaded by a team of Project manager, Sr. PHP Developer, Sr. UI Developer and a Sr. QA Engineer.

Out Technology Stack

Mobile App
Ionic 3
Front End
PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML, CSS
Back End

This application is developed using CodeIgniter Framework and MySQL as the database.

Customer Speak

Loginworks is an exceptionally committed organization to quality. We have found our true partner for business innovation in them. Web and mobile Apps development services from Loginworks are the best in the class. They are at the leading edge of technology supported by an expert team. Technical support from Loginworks is a big driver for our business challenges. We completely trust them for any application development requirement we have.

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