BioCheck is a mobile application which is developed for the ease of communication between employee and the organization. It gives you a proper perspective over all your projects and about your daily to-dos.

This application allows the employees to go through his assigned task and update his follow-up over the task. It makes the system easy to monitor and manage employees from different location. This app is your sidekick for getting things done and staying organized.


Mobile & Web

What We Did

Design, Development and Testing

Technologies Used

Android, iOS & PHP


  • Implementation of Facial Recognition to improve security.
  • Implementation of Bilingual language promising easy and user-friendly usage.
  • Includes Voice Messaging service which make Users free from typing.
  • Allows creation of your own tasks for better organization.
  • Set up of Geo-fences for employees around a particular location that help to receive automatic alerts to check in/out when they enter/exist a particular Geo-fence.
  • Employee Location tracking history gets saved locally so that it can be synced easily when device goes online.
  • Supervise employees work report and productivity to keep a complete track of the work.
  • A proper channel for assigning tasks and viewing checklist is there to ensure smooth follow up of work.

Client Ratings

Star Rating
  • Creating such a complex app with an ease is what I liked the most about Loginworks! They have a certain working style that blends well with any requirements. From development to deployment, everything was so perfect. Would love to work again with them!



Integration with Google Street Maps.

Easy Navigating process from one detailed screen to another.

Pleasing UI for displaying functionality in an arranged manner.

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