Bulk SMS is a mobile application which is designed to send SMS in bulk. The user sets the time and frequency of SMS to be send in a day as a scheduled job. This application then completes its assigned job of sending bulk SMS with a gap of 5, 10 or 20 seconds between each.

There is a URL stating the done status at the end which indicates that all the SMS have been send and the job is finished.



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  • Allows the User to send SMS in bulk, thus eliminating the efforts of sending one-by-one SMS to each and every person.
  • User can schedule job and can even set the time for each job over this application. This not only helps in avoiding tediousness of your work, but it also helps in doing a smart work.
  • One can set multiple jobs at a time with the use of this application. You are only required to set the command and rest the application will do the work on its own.
  • User can set time gap between each sent message so that things can happen as per the User expectations.
  • The option of edit, delete or stop/resume a scheduled job lies in the hands of User, thus providing him/her with all the administrative rights.
  • Addition of a new job can be made by User at any point of time over this panel.

Client Ratings

  • "We are still working over this project, but the work done by Loginworks team by now is by far the best. Meeting on to all our expectations and queries is being handled very well by them. Keep working hard guys!"


User Interface

Easy Navigation process from one detailed screen to another.

Eye-pleasing UI for the display of functionality in an arranged manner.

Easy usage tagged along with easy to understand features.

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