Chatbot is a mobile application that demonstrates the working of a Chatbot interface. This application provides the User with a chatting screen that is assisted with a bot at the other end. Bot has been trained and tested for this application.

This application includes textual conversations, file sharing and image posting. User is allowed to ask any question over this panel and the bot replies or it can also initiate a survey with a yes/no, one word or two word answer to the User.



What We Did

Design, Development and Testing

Technologies Used

Ionic, SQLite, Cordova and Wit.AI API


  • There is an integration of Chatbot to the traditional chat interface. This allows the User to have a direct conversation with the panel.
  • This application uses machine learning to understand User inputs and provides appropriate outputs, thus working as an automatic answer to all your queries.
  • Involves the usage of Wit.AI for integration purpose.
  • Bot is trained to respond to the User in real time, thus providing instant answers to all the User queries.
  • All the chats or conversations listed over the application will be stored in a proper database.

Client Ratings

  • Great communication and professionalism. Ansumali and team were very flexible and understanding, which helped us complete the project. Will hire again.

    Zhenshu Ding

User Interface

Easy Navigation process from one detailed screen to another.

Eye-pleasing UI for the display of functionality in an arranged manner.

Instant reply on queries.

Our Efforts

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