CSR is a web application that work towards bringing thousands of cities and people with one approach together under the roof of a single platform. This application work towards creating an online platform that brings people together, makes them explore things, teaches and makes them learn about new or advanced things in the form of live meet-ups.

This application weaves around a simple idea that when we get together and perform things that matter to us, then we are able to do our best.



What We Did

Design, Development and Testing

Technologies Used



  • Integration of GPS
  • Proper and organized User Management System for a simple user experience.
  • Known for creating meet-ups in more than 1000 cities, thus making you chose meet-ups as per your preferred location.
  • Payment gateway integration including Stripe, Paypal, Credit Cards and Mpesa for making easy online transactions.
  • Engaging its users in proper event management, thus ensuring a meaningful event at the end.
  • The facility of social media integration for its Users.
  • Offers chat feature to get a direct idea about how this website helps people to create meet up and join them.
  • Calendar integration is there within the application to make you mark your event dates there only.
  • Access to YouTube embedded videos for a further deep knowledge about the topic.
  • Offers training and course management over the application.
  • A proper channel for subscribing this service is available over this platform.
  • It is a Multilingual application which makes you access the application in your preferred language.
  • Custom analytics and reports generation facilities serve as the USP of this application.

Client Ratings

Star Rating
  • I have worked with many development companies over the years, but Loginworks by far is the best! Their ability to meet all the expectations with an always Yes nod is their best service. Thank you guys for making such a useful website. Simply loved it!


User Interface

  • Privilege of multi-linguality.
  • Main functionalities beautifully presented in main screen.
  • Facility of custom analytics and reports generation.
  • Organized User Management System.

Our Efforts

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