Online Coach

Online Coach is a simple web application designed for the use of athletes, teachers and coaches to graphically record sports exercises and plan trainings. This application is specially designed for active sports followers encouraging them towards adopting a more healthier lifestyle.

It is a multilingual website where Users are allowed to share their exercises, training and outcomes or outcomes achieved out of the ideas provided by other Users. One is given a choice of creating their public or private exercise program over this website.



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  • It is a multilingual website including various language options such as English, German, Italian and French. This makes the User follow this application as per his/her preferred language.
  • This website allows the User to create exercise programs in a super easy manner. One can also assign training tasks over this panel, thus encouraging other Users about their fitness regime.
  • User is given the choice to set his/her particular exercise program as private or public, thus granting them the freedom of uploading on their own terms.
  • One is also allowed to subscribe to this web page in order to avail more privileges.
  • Selection of following exercises and trainings of a specific person is granted to the Users over this panel.
  • Inviting more friends to join this web application can be accessed easily, thus channelizing its marketing in an arranged manner.
  • User can also register for newsletter to get recent updates.

Client Ratings

  • Things done so far for the development of this website is something really commendable! I really appreciate the hard efforts put in by Loginworks team. I am sure this project of ours will definitely be a great success. Good luck to the team!


User Interface

Easy Navigation process from one detailed screen to another.

Eye-pleasing UI for the display of functionality in an arranged manner.

Privilege of multi-linguality.

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