Zendesk – CCP

Zendesk – CCP is a support helpdesk where customer can submit support request/ticket or email to support team, in the backend support team will receive these requests and can send reply to them.

Support team can select particular and can change the status of the email to resolved/pending.



What We Did

Design, Development and Testing

Technologies Used

Front End : HTML, CSS, Javascript
Frameworks : Ruby on Rails


      • Automated email response has been implemented for Customers.
      • Support Team can Change email assignee.
      • Customer email notification.
      • Demo Section is provided for the customer with user manual to install and use of app.
      • Backend has been integrated for support team to handle all requests.
      • Inbox has been integrated in backend to handle all the request and assign request as per the status.
      • Tickets categories are assigned in the inbox to show tickets as per the current status.

Our Efforts

0 Hours
0 Team
0 Hours
Quality Testing

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