Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is a mobile application which is designed to send SMS in bulk. The user sets the time and frequency of SMS to be send in a day as a scheduled job..


Chatbot is a mobile application that demonstrates the working of a Chatbot interface. This application provides the User with a chatting screen that is assisted with a bot..


Offers a complete information about the movie already running in theaters and also about the one which is going to hit the theaters soon, thus making you get all the information with a single tap.

Call Plate

Call Plate is a mobile application which is designed to allow a call connection between two users using their car plate number. This application provides you with the access to talk with any User [...]


BioCheck is a mobile application which is developed for the ease of communication between employee and the organization. It gives you a proper perspective over all your projects and about your [...]


With the use of BidNow application, one can bid, buy and save money whenever and wherever they wish to. It serves as a decent auction platform which offers you with unique items from the sellers [...]


AppOnLease is a mobile application designed for ordering food online. This mobile app is designed for the benefit of both customers and restaurants. It allows the customer to get at-home food [...]