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What is Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI is the most advanced yet simple Data Visualization tool to present your key performance and data metrics in a visually appealing and comprehensible manner. Power BI is cloud-based Business Intelligence tool to process your heaps of data into interactive dashboards and user-friendly reports.
Businesses using Power BI for their business intelligence requirements experience a game-changing phenomenon. Insights derived from Power BI helps grow your business with precise insights to enable you to tab every opportunity that comes your way.
Power BI empowers you with enhanced business avenues supported by data forecasting to make you fore-runners in your domain for long-term success.

Power BI for Every Industry

Loginworks, a seasoned consulting partner in Power BI, has experience supporting and consulting companies from different domains, like retail, healthcare, real estate and any other business type under the sky.


Meaningful Information: Gaining Competitive Advantage using Big Data


Improving Decisions: Using Big Data to support property development and sales


This visualization is designed to provide a large volume of information on a single page format.

Business Benefits of Power BI

Get broad insight into your organization

Generating reports manually is so stone age. Business Intelligence and Visualization tools like Power BI consolidates information and data across functional domains, providing a comprehensive view of customer service, financials, inventory, sales and much more. With instant access to dashboards, KPIs and real-time company data, you can smoothly monitor, make real-time amendments and quickly capitalize on new opportunities.

Increase efficiency and collaboration

It is a common scenario in a business environment for, management employees and other stakeholders to make decisions based on ancient, erratic or inadequate data. With Power BI, your entire team can be on the same page and be sure that everyone has the same version of truth (data & facts) for reference. This will enhance productivity between the teams and across the organization. Power BI makes it much easier to quantify goals for individual teams and track their progress.

Shorten your decision - making cycle

Power BI significantly reduces the decision-making cycle and improves your turn around time with efficient reporting. Participants across the organization can take quick decisions based on up to date and real-time data insights using Power BI dashboard and reports.

Create and Publish your own custom reports

Get customized reports and dashboards. Publish and share interactive dashboard tiles easily from anywhere and anytime, permitting decision makers to take more informed and faster decisions.

More accountability and measurable KPIs

With exhaustive and customized reports, you can assign accountability to specific KPIs, align business activity with your strategic goals and accomplish your milestones faster.
Power BI helps improves individual accountability as it is much easier to monitor distinct KPIs. This eliminates any uncertainty that can stall your long-term goals.

All data at one place and no duplication

Get all your data at one place. Easy access to all the data irrespective of its form or place, including excel, streaming data, cloud services, and on-premises databases. Employing Power BI offers a rounded view of the most essential metrics for your organization. Touch-enabled native apps for Windows, Android, and iOS you can access all your data from anywhere and also eradicate duplicate content.

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Our Customized Power BI Offerings

Interactive Dashboards

Loginworks offers customized dashboards for a holistic view of the entire business data, different departments and key performance metrics.

Dashboard Display Tiles

See most relevant and important data insights from the dashboard display tiles. Select a tile to get the required information for real-time action.

Customized reports

We provide tailor-made reports for each service or product category, region, data type, etc.

Our proven and pre-tested process

Data Preparing and data cleaning

Our teams are expert in sourcing data from various sources and file types, Excel, SQL, MySQL, Python, etc. With our expertise, we can add missing data points also to provide complete information for more accurate analysis.

Data Modelling

Once we have clean data, we apply various data modelling techniques to get the required information from the huge piles of data.

Data Visualization

We present data in the most logical and visually appealing form.

Why Loginworks for Power BI

Being the experts of Power BI, we understand that implementing and sustaining Power BI can be overwhelming at times. It requires considerable, time, efforts and collaboration process between different functional teams; marketing, Sales, IT, etc.
Our skilled teams are well experienced and aware of the blind spots involved in employing and maintaining Power BI. We offer you the best consultation experience to deploy BI, provide fully trained resources and act as your bridge between you and your BI requirements.

24X7 customer support

Dedicated Account Manager

An expert team of 6 including data analysts, data modeller and data visualizer

Confidentiality guarantee

Flexible Billing

Annual/Quarterly/Monthly reports available

What is the value-add for our customers?

Use data for analysis with confidence

Obtaining ready to use data for analysis can be both stressfull and time-consuming. Additionally, you may not be confident about accuracy and recency of the data you are using to derive inferences.
Power BI with its superb data shaping and modelling capabilities can help with a guarantee of most up-to-date data insights. An experienced Microsoft Power BI consultant like Loginworks can pitch in here in for the end to end the deployment and management of Power BI.

Utilize Power BI fully across your business

Implementing Power BI will help you get a clear view of your business’s progress. Most of the action starts after you have employed Power BI. Loginworks expert team will help you conquer its use, application and adoption across your functional departments and the entire organization. To ensure you are fully utilizing the power of Power BI, we engage with you regularly to make your Power BI journey a smooth sail.

Comprehensive Power BI User Training

We do not neglect the importance of user training. In the absence of proper training, your teams will not be able to pull out reports and fully engage with the platform. As a result, the solution will not be able to contribute much to thrust your business forward. Loginworks delivers comprehensive user training to ensure Power BI becomes a useful, user-friendly solution for everyone in your organization.

Client Testimonials

Loginworks is an exceptionally committed organization to quality. We have found our true partner for business innovation in them. Web and mobile Apps development services from Loginworks are the best in the class. They are at the leading edge of technology supported by an expert team. Technical support from Loginworks is a big driver for our business challenges. We completely trust them for any application development requirement we have.

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