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real estate solutions

When it comes to Real Estate, Do you have any ideation about where to relocate only by looking at the specific location? Of course not! For absolute relocation impressionreal estate firm requires complete real estate solution (location intelligence) which is one of the service offerings at Loginworks Softwares.

What do we do?

Investment Analysis

Locations’ insights make sense when everything looks right from one eye, however, the point of view on other aspects akin to population density and economic outputs go blank. Loginworks Softwares Investment Analysis assists its clientele in accessing translucent location insights via utilizing customizable dashboards and analyzing Big Data of a specific location at quickest. Investment Analysis outcomes make a big-time contribution in empowering real estate company’s portfolio decision.

Pricing Optimization

The Real Estate Business Industry changes from time to time in the terms of pricing. More often than not, being in real estate one has to cope with constant changes as per the demand of the hours. Hence, Loginworks Softwares put spatial Big Data Analytics upon its clientele’s table to figure out the impact of changes upon Business via optimizing rent rates, residential property prices at the respective location, and market day to day insights for grasping on the upcoming opportunity. Loginworks Softwares experts undoubtedly hold the assessable internal as well as external data for Big Data Analytics in order to avoid any risk of missing on the real estate predictable opportunity.

Indoor Mapping

Do you know what satisfies the impatient and questionable crowd in the context of your property? At Loginworks Softwares, it is the actions and outcomes that speak and satisfies the crowd. Thus, we at Loginworks offer Rapid-deployment solution that helps our clientele to turn the tables of customer experience, operations, and revenue to the efficient side. We at Loginworks support the approach for its clientele to be track-able via the customers without any barrier along with the insights to its property.

Data Monetization

Data Monetization is a trending methodology to assist the property Big Data holders to utilize their Data assets at Best. With the assistance of Loginworks Softwares skilled data monetization professionals, Real Estate firms can effortless drive their capital or revenue only via giving away something that is not-in-use anymore i.e., Data Assets. Loginworks support Big Data Analytics on Real Estate’s Data along with the competitors’ or third party Data and further, selling of insights to the investors make a profit for the primary Firm.

Loginworks Softwares is the leading Big Data Analytics Company in the Real Estate industry. We believe in the empowerment that comes from Location Intelligence because nothing works better than an ease of quick-few clicks.

What are the benefits deliverable from Loginworks End?

  • Cost Reduction
  • Firewall Installation
  • In-flow Collaboration
  • Property Management
  • Automated Data Syncing
  • Granting Processed Data
  • Authentication Gateways
  • Revolutionized Property Sales
  • Receive Standard Information
  • Minimal Risk of Breach of Data
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Simplified Backup and Recovery Options
  • Round-o-clock and Enhanced Accessibility
  • Data Encryption and multiple Layered Security
  • Business Growth and Expansion in the Long-run

Real-Time Information Accessibility

Eliminate the needful of being available around the system or keep an eye on the software data to access needful information & Big Data. With Real Estate Solutions, grasp the required information & Data at quick clicks anytime and anywhere via software’s real-time information accessibility.

Shoulder-to-shoulder Growth

Scalability of business changes in the context of needs, requirements, and Goals. Hence, real estate solution upgrades expand & improve (technically and functionally) shoulder-to-shoulder to the scalability of clientele’s Business.

Regular Tasks Automation

We understand the worth of daily manpower and time drowning into the pool of consistent tasks akin to reminder emails, releasing notification, and daily report creation. Hence, our real Estate solutions come with the availability of options to automate certain regular tasks and duties. It is quite a time saver!

Secured Data Environment

We build a secured Data Environment for clientele’s confidential information and operations. Encryptions and recovery modules are our attested security gears.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We do not force upon complete solution package. Our offerings include subscriptions preferences. Both kinds of solutions are quite cost-effective in the long-run when property management is a matter of concern.

How Proptech Real Estate Companies are using Big Data?

Proptech is one of the most prominent Real Estate groups of Industries also acknowledged as Property Technology since the year 2010. In noteworthy of mentioning, Proptech comprises in the first ever Real estate Companies in whole Real Estate Industry to give rise to the technical way of reaching the right commercial property for purchasing. Prior to Proptech India, 100 percent of the population was relying on telephonic communication to search & purchase properties. 

It is not like there was no technology involved to real Estate Industry before Proptech, there were, akin to Ringmove and Zoopla in the 2000s; however, Proptech had taken the side of innovation and considered Big Data Analytics as the primary tool to enhance the Real Estate Industry Convenience to the highest level. 

Recently a few months ago, Various Proptech Companies announced how Big Data available in the context of consumers’ behaviour helps in the predictive analytics upon the subject of “Home value or Property Value estimation” for Buyers and Sellers in addition. Not only does Proptech Real Estate Companies utilize Big Data Analytics for studying or estimating the value of property but also on other subjects of concerns such as—Building Insights (security level, use of building, space availability), Appraisals, Finance (risk analysis, absolute decision making), Targeted marketing, Insurance Analytics, Maintenance, and Buyers’ Needs.

Brands Benefiting from Real Estate Big Data and Data Analytics

Lodha Group introduction is not required as it is one of the highly known names when it comes to Real Estate developers around the world. The Real Estate company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra in 1980 opted to utilize Big Data Analytics approach in the year 2017 seeking the improvement of interest in the context of Big Data Deployment in Real Estate Industries of various countries. In noteworthy of mentioning, Lodha Group not only develops properties in India but also downtown London. Anyway, Lodha Group applied the Big Data Approach and the next it announced a 50 percent improvement in a lead conversion within only 4 months time period. Apart from this, the predictive analytics of Lodha Group mention probability of 30 percent conversion growth in the times to come to result in an increment of generation of revenue by 20 percent. 

Mentioning the accurate digits, in the month of March (immediate) 2017, Lodha Group recorded Sales amounting 1,200 Crore. As per the studies, it turns out to be the highest of Generation of Sales by the company. Also, the sales turnover of the Lodha group in the Financial Year 2018 (April’17 to March’18) stands 10,000 Crore, clearly, the Real Estate benefited by the revenue of 7,000 Crore post applying the Big Data Analytics approach, that too, in one go! 

Lodha Group has focused upon predictive methods application for lead generation and an indirect but positive impact on the generation of Sales. Undoubtedly, the Big Data Analytics has assisted the prominent Indian Real Estate firm to touch the most sensitive nerve of the consumers via studying customer’s behaviour and further, making absolute decision to trigger the positive action on the part of the consumers around the country. (in association with Amura Marketing Technologies), one of the largest Indian Real Estate Industry established in the year 2005 commenced its online presence (Website and Real Estate Solution) in the year 2011. in the first place made an impression of finding a property by sitting at home, at quickest through a television ad. This was in 2011. 

In the year 2015, introduced India&rspquos as the largest Real Estate Flash Sales in association with Amura. The Flash Sales was valid from 26 June 2015 to 28 June 2015. The sales were granting consumers from around the world to seek properties at 250 different project properties in India along with offers & pricing. 

The Big Data Analytics had reported improvement in the presence of property seekers online in order to purchase the property. And so the increment in properties developed by The Flash Sales assisted the Real Estate firm to figure out the major concerns of Buyers in the context of property, their choices of prices, relevance, and developers from all the cities in India. 

Today, enjoys the business partnership with more than a hundred property developers from different cities around the country. Not only does Big Data Analytics helped to expand much only in a period of 3 years via absolute action (flash sales), on the contrary, it generates inevitable traffic at the website of real estate firm and delivers highest customer satisfaction via ad inventory at an advanced level. Alongside, it has become an outstanding source of driving property sales online for property developers, brokers, and builders.

Our Mission

provider of unique IT solutions

To provide top-notch web-based applications and business intelligence solutions while consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.We believe in delivering value and that too ‘On Time’ to build a strong relation based on its performance so that the name Loginworks become synonymous with the “provider of unique IT solutions”.

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