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Retail Solutions


Avant-garde analysis, functional at any scale, for jolted business growth


Boost your earnings and expertise, challenge the competition.

With outlandish changes in consumer behaviour, increased pressure on margins. The radically changing role of stores, and aggravated competitive landscape through both on and offline channels drives retail transformation. Outstanding retailers often employ an active data architecture, along with sound analysis, empowering the future operating models to:

Reach desired streams of revenue by enhancing the client’s course to create a fluid, and yet consistent online and offline customer experience.

Stay ahead of customer trends, deliver in time, while achieving the competitive advantage.

Accomplish automation along with improved efficiency and across multidirectional processes to increase product velocity, while reducing inventory costs, and optimizing demand forecasting.

Fray away the threat of decreased store footprints. Brush off increased competition from local market competitors.


Renowned Retailers Depend on Our Technology for Business-Critical Operations

Solutions that Grow with Your Business

Satisfying every critical innovation requirement with our high-performance solutions

Delivery Reliability

Assisting all our customers, confidently welcoming all complex analytical ambitions

Leadership through Reflection

Known for our foresight and capability, based on Login works and open source technologies.

Global Market

Possessing global experience of moving strategy into live operations.


We Recognize the Problem – Become the Solution and Straighten it Out.

Dominating global retail companies, trust Login works when they want to increase revenue, manage costs, and improve customer experience. These clients realize that our best in class analytics can solve their most complicated issues. Enabling them to succeed in this increasingly turbulent and competitive environment. Retailers create market differentiation by delivering high-impact business outcomes across a variety of improved mission-critical analytics. Progressive-thinking companies deliver business value by ensuring every employee and client benefits from new and actionable analytical insights. Login works deliver advanced analytical capabilities at scale. Organizations investing in enterprise-wide solutions are better-placed, with a competitive advantage thanks to fast and accurate decisions.


A Strong Footing Enables Future Operating Models

With an aim to remove walls that block success. Enabling discovery and operationalization of new insights at scale. Delivering ROI using the most exceptional analytics platform an optimal cost/performance mix.


Performance and Power are the Core of Our Technology

Analytics and Analytics Consulting Services

With both Business and technical users, uncovering insights from your entire data library.

Data Mode - Retail

Login works Retail Industry Data Mode takes the customer and counterparty information to generate shared understanding across all business functions.

Client Interaction

Taking an integrated, enterprising approach to planning, developing. Along with the management of customer communications across a wide variety of channels, product lines, and business locations.

Real-Time Interaction

Using a self-learning engine to power marketing. With the ability to send the directives and offers, along with cross-selling and upselling in real time.

Master Data Management

Delivering comprehensive, definite master and reference data that can be an advantage for other applications and processes.


Brands benefiting from Big Data & Aanalytics


Who does need Introduction to Flipkart? Undoubtedly, it is one of the leading Online Retail Businesses based in Bangalore, India founded in 2007. At first the company was focusing on the distribution of Books, on the contrary, later invested in categories of the product comprising in electronics, fashion, and lifestyle products. As per the recent statics, Flipkart has concluded to hold approx 40 percent of Market share in the context of India’s Retail Industry. Also, it has held 100 million customers with the outstanding shopping experience at Global level. Indeed, at the very stage of expansion, Flipkart considered “behavioural gender” as one of the actions against the Big Data Analytics and the customer insights granted by the same. For instance, Flipkart has given an option to the users to choose its gender while looking for specific product Online. This “behavioural gender” is basically an automated methodology which works as per the behaviour of the user while shopping at Flipkart App. Otherwise, the heads of Flipkart stated: “behaviour gender is only one of the aspects of customer insights; other aspects include demographics and other activities of users on the app to recommend the right product to the customer.” In noteworthy of mentioning, Flipkart take advantage of Big Data Analytics at completely another level. It holds its exceptional Data centre holding 5 Petabytes and 120 in RAM and Disk storage respectively (1 Petabyte Equivalent to HD Video memory of duration 3.4 years—round-o-clock). The used Big Data approach has assisted Flipkart in enhancing Customer satisfaction by 3 times in the past few years. Alongside, Discount wars aroused as a strategy used by both Amazon and Flipkart has assisted Flipkart in maintaining surplus shoulder-to-shoulder to Amazon (US$4Billion in 2016), however, much higher than Amazon currently in 2018—US$22Billion worth.


Amazon is another leading American E-commerce Platform that has shelled the India Retail Industry by 12 percent merchandise value in the year 2015. Since ever establishment, Amazon has categorised its products & services into distinctive sorts, some of those are Amazon fresh, Amazon Prime, Kindle, Echo, Amazon Drive, Amazon studios, Fire TV, Amazon Web Services and so on! Alongside, it takes hold of 40 subsidiaries around the World. As per statics of 2008 and later, Amazon comes across attracting approx 615 million visitors at the Global level. In noteworthy of mentioning, Amazon considers practicing Big Data Analytics for the sole purpose of making the right recommendation for the customers. In the force of being “Everything Store,” Amazon at the very stage had been lacking the rich-customer insights and further, losing customers at drop off. To recover from this issue, Amazon started to gather Customer Data upon browsing on the Amazon webpage in order to empower its product & service recommendation engine. Shockingly, this customer data involves customer’s location or shipping address (to figure out income level), product search, and buying history, product searching history, uploaded reviews and feedbacks. Through the collection of Data, Amazon comes across predicting upon the factors akin to customer’s age, customers’ occupation, and customers’ lifestyle. Hence, make recommendations accordingly. Undoubtedly, the 360-degree development of Amazon recommendation engine was quite impractical in the absence of Big Data approach. Today, Amazon takes into recording customers’ data as per the behaviour of customer on-site. Currently, Amazon is enjoying 30 percent of India’s market Shareholding worth $16 Billion.


Paytm Mall is one of the greatest instances of Brands benefiting from Big Data Analytics in only a year. The accomplishment of Paytm Mall Application by Paytm wasn’t even quick but appreciable. Paytm, Noida based firm founded in 2010 accomplished investors akin to Softbank and Alibaba Group (Chinese Giant E-commerce Platform) who invested approx $445 millions in Paytm Mall. Seeking the Logistics Start-ups lacking tech capabilities, Paytm has planned to invest $150 Million in Logistics Data companies for the sole purpose of making the delivery aspect of Paytm mall courier associations’ service efficient at the highest level along with real-time tracking options. This action of Paytm has come from the Big Data Analytics performed that showcased insights comprising in Distribution network Gap, barriers in Supply chain and inventory mismanagement. Through the utilizable Logistics insights, Paytm make the respective investment final in the year 2015 and today, Paytm Mall holds 1.4 Lakh registered sellers and has been holding 5.6 percent of India’s Market share in the context of Retail Industry since 2017.

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