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Our Sentiment Analysis Offerings


The incredible combination of mobile devices and social media has given birth to a new kind of analysis called Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining. Customers today are freely expressing their views and opinion about their purchases on social media and other review sites.
This huge amount of data in the form of likes, comments, shares is available for businesses to contemplate. Customer reviews and comments are highly valuable for knowing their true response. Organizations are using this freely available information for improving their product and services, make better-informed decisions and improve their brand and market value.

Advantages of Sentiment Analysis


Sentiment analysis service helps you to better understand the customers’ sentiments related to your business.
Sentiment analysis also helps businesses predict consumer trends and develop strategies to capitalize on those trends and gain an edge over their competition.

Our Sentiment Analytics Success Stories


Meaningful Information: Gaining Competitive Advantage using Big Data


Improving Decisions: Using Big Data to support property development and sales


Enhanced Visualization: Get a large volume of information on a single page

Work With the Best in Sentiment Analysis to Know Your Customers Better

Loginworks understands that the key to business success today is understanding your customer’s mind. Sentiment Analysis enables you to know the opinion of your buyers. The power of sentiment analysis lies in the ability to mine huge piles of unstructured social media data for actionable insights.
Sentiment Analysis is a daunting task, requiring sophisticated tools such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to carry out comprehensive examinations of the sentiments of social media users.
Our experts know just how to perform the correct analysis to provide you insights that lead to new business opportunities and possibilities.

Why Chose Loginworks for Sentiment Analysis

We help businesses of all sizes and types to gain valuable insights into what they are doing right about products, services, and customer support. We help them identify negative reviews, positive sentiments and help them recognize what they need to work on to enhance the overall customer experience. Further, it also helps organizations get a better picture of how they stack up against their comp-set.
With our Sentiment analysis service, we also help businesses predict the latest consumer trends and develop strategies to capitalize on those trends and gain an edge over their competition.
Whatever may be the file type, text, videos, audio files, we will evaluate all to get you the findings you were looking at. Have a look at some more features -


What Our Customers Say About Us

The results we got from the sentiment analysis service from Loginworks, provided us with a new dimension and insights about our customers. We used this information to bring improvements to our offerings and witnessed amazing results.


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Loginworks introduced us to a new and improved kind of analysis. We are very glad we used their services. They showed us what we were not aware of regarding our products. We got the knowledge about the true opinion of our buyers and hence we were able to make the necessary changes for betterment.


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We have worked with businesses from different domains. We have customers from E-commerce, Real Estate, Banking, Government, Travel, Retail, Healthcare and many others.

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