Enhancing data capabilities to drive greater results and accelerate decision making

Since our inception, we are in the realm of data science, and by spending a considerable amount of time in the sphere, we have identified the business hurdles effectively. Most organizations struggle to get the data they need–at one place with insights they need quickly and make complex decisions feel effortless. This is where Loginworks come into the picture; we remove redundancy and streamline business processes by enhancing the data capabilities and optimizing the results in real-time. Our ability to promote data enrichment and provide enterprises end-to-end data services makes us one of our kind.

What Makes Us Unique?

With LW Profiling Index the results are distinct, accurate, and swift.

Business Intelligence & Consulting

We empower enterprises with the intelligence they deserve to stay ahead of the time. With the right blend of strategies and technology, we provide a historical, present, and predictive view of a business. We are not just creating solutions for the businesses; we are building economies of scale. We ensure that our clients focus on their core business processes and leave the worries to us, we not only analyze the existing problems and effective solutions, but we also help you recognize new and profitable opportunities.

Our Offerings

Gap Analysis

Get a clear picture of existing business problems and effective solutions for them.

Customer Profiling

Understand where your customers come from and what do they

Business Acquisitions

More customers, profitable
leads, and newer

How Can LW BI Help You?






Data Analytics

We transform businesses by leveraging the power of Data. Helping enterprises gather and centralize actionable data so that they can make profitable and smarter business decisions with smooth operational capabilities. More in-depth analysis and constant upgrade take the guesswork out of business decisions.

BI & Reporting

Loginworks’ deeper and visually enhanced reports ensure uplift in the business objective and outcome. With our BI reporting services, organizations can utilize their maximum potential and increase ROI substantially. Get detailed, crystal clear facts and major pain-points of the business. Our reports have the power to drive any enterprise from good to amazing in no time. We are the best in Power BI consulting and probably the only one in the industry, with Loginworks there is no more guesswork, just smarter and dependable insights.

Rich Visual BI reports on leading tools:




We are Power BI experts

Industries We Serve





Real Estate

Why Choose Loginworks?

Decade’s Experience

Proudly serving mid-size to Fortune 500 in website scraping for more than a decade.

Quality Assurance

Guaranteed 99% accuracy and consistency in data quality delivered in site scraping.

Voluminous Website Scraping

51 million data points scraped every hour and ready for more.

Industry Expertise

Proven internet scraping expertise in e-commerce, retail, real estate, healthcare, travel, and many more.

Intuitive webpage Scraping Process

The use of our proprietary screen scraping tools and internal site scraping process of manual checks offer unmatched data quality.