Data Mining Services
Conversion of Raw Data into Meaningful Information

Data Mining Services

The precise understanding of your collected data can actually lead to quality data processing, better decision making, customer satisfaction and obviously improved company’s revenue. This is where the role of Data Mining fits in to improve a business’ efficiency with a positive approach. It is a process that aims at identifying new, meaningful and purposeful data in your existing accumulated data. This data is further utilized to deal with competitive business industry with a foresight and valuable interference.


Along with the professional and dedicated team of Data Miners, we at Loginworks hold the expertise in converting a huge amount of raw data into a valuable information. This process may appear time-taking, but it eventually helps in making strategic business decisions with an ease. With an experience of 11 years of experience in our domain, we ensure that the data reaches in an accurate and fast manner to our clients.

We Have A Lot to Offer

Loginworks’ Data Mining Experts know how to weave their way out with the use of clustering, classification, pattern recognition, regression and all other associated methods opted for Data Mining.

Financial Data Mining

Online Data Mining

Web Data Extraction

Data Extraction Statistics

Website Data Analysis

Excel Data Mining

Research Data Mining

Data Segmentation

Social Media Data Mining

Market Trend Details Capturing

E-Commerce Data Mining

Data Analysis & Capturing

Service, Product & Brand Feedback Search

Healthcare Data Mining

SQL Database Mining

Meta-data Extraction from Websites

Our Data Mining Touch Can Make A Difference to Various Sectors

Though we hold experience in various sectors, but few of them are our expert domains…

Real Estate Business

Every minute information about where to buy, what is available in the market, renting or in sale properties, dealers bio, bids available and much more, we deal real estate data in every possible way.

Online Retail Business

E-commerce data is the most trending one in today’s time. Our team put our efforts towards tracking millions of products available online over their website for their customers in UK, USA and Europe.

Market Research

Market research is another sector which we hold expertise in. We perform auto data collection from the market research sector available online. Product data, price analysis and latest buying trend are our major areas of concern.

Price Analysts

A proper data for price comparison is required by every firm to get them on the top. We offer a right data as our service to our clients, which eventually helps them in estimating a fair and low price for their products, in comparison to competitors.

Automobile Sector

We offer you with all the required information about automobile parts, services and products all in a single excel sheet. You are only required to filter the required information, compare it as per your requirements and you are done.

This is How We Deliver Favorable Results…

  • Understanding of Data Requirement

  • Set Data Sourcing Platforms

  • Collection & Conversion of Raw Data in Arranged Format

  • Performing Quality Check on the Final Data

  • Delivering Final Data to the Client

Benefits of Choosing Loginworks

Assured Cost Reduction

Regular Communication

Follow-up of Data Quality Management

Adherence to Timelines

Highly Cost-Effective Services

Team of Professionals

Data Security

Accurate & Optimal Results

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