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Survey Processing Services

Whatever your need be, we carry out Survey Processing with an assurance to our clients that the project outcome is secure

Surveys are a valuable tool for a range of business applications including market research, customer feedback, product development, market testing and staff training and development. We provide data entry and analysis services for businesses across a range of sectors., We can cater for surveys in a range of formats from simple closed answer formats to Likert scale questions and open questions with more detailed qualitative feedback. Our approach to survey processing is very robust and we can work with clients throughout their research journey. We don’t just analyse data, we can help design and develop the tools for your data collection.


Working with Loginworks provides a cost-effective and time-effective approach to developing a research project.

We are able to digitize and analyse data using a range of different technologies such as OCR, OMR and ICR.

We have a highly skilled and committed workforce able to deliver every stage of a research project

Our customized survey processing suites can be tailored to suit individual business requirements

We can work to meet very tight deadlines

We provide recommendations and suggestions through the survey results and through any initial work we develop with each client

Our research services offer an impressive return on investment when clients consider the value of the information provided through a research project.

How does it work?

Research Design

Our team of research professionals work with our clients to understand their research needs and to then work closely together to develop the best possible survey questionnaire for your organization.

Research Delivery

Once we have designed a questionnaire, we then develop the data collection methods required. These may be delivered in hard copy or in interviews in the workplace, but where the method is delivered remotely then we’re able to implement electronic surveys and telephone research.

Research Outputs

On completion of each project we provide access to the data that has been collected from participants. We then digitize the survey results using an appropriate scanning method. Tools we have available include Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Data Analysis

Our highly qualified experts will analyse the survey results and will apply sophisticated tools and methods of analysis to produce detailed and meaningful reports for our clients.

Our team of professionals are ready and waiting to input and analyse your data, and our support providing meaningful insights for your business have the potential to make a real difference to your business.

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